Chinese copy of the knife Crusader Forge TCFM 03 TAD Edition

Seeing this knife in the internet, I was filled with desire. Two months later, the desire turned into action (a discount coupon for 7 bucks, won on the “rocket” action on Ali) came in handy. And after another three weeks, the action transformed into possession.
So, my first fix = 38 bucks.

The knife is a Chinese copy of the knife model TCFM 03 by Crusader Forge, USA. And the copy, as I see it, is quite good.

About the original company

Knife parameters:
Steel - D2 (as stated by the seller)
Total length - 220 mm
Blade length - 108 mm
Maximum blade width - 33 mm
Butt thickness - 5 mm
Knife type - full-tang (full tang - laid on mounting of a handle on a blade)
Handle: G10 black
Weight - 220 g
Sheathed weight - 306 g

Factory sharpening pleasantly surprised. The knife not only cut the paper, he also shaved! Long time I did not come shaving Chinese.

One weekend during the harvest, he took a break and tested the little knives. Slightly planed, chopped up a bit (a couple of 2-3 cm cherry trunks), plus cut off a bunch of unnecessary cherry shoots.

After the test cutting and planing on a tiger blade, a very nice one, there were shallow scratches (not metal), but they, like scars, are only meant to decorate!

Shaving the knife stopped, but the paper still cuts. Zaminov or chips on the cutting edge did not form, from which I make my amateurish conclusion that steel, if not declared D2, then something close to it in terms of parameters (certainly better than modern Chinese 440C and 8Cr13MoV).
The knife, by the way, really cuts. Of course, it is more convenient and logical to do it with an ax, and weight plays a positive role there. But "in emergency cases" and with small amounts of work the knife will cope. And, unlike the ax, you can hide it, figuratively speaking, in your pocket.
There were some doubts about the geometry of the handle -she is indeed seemingly controversial and ambiguous. As a result, in my middle palm (the width without a thumb is 9 cm, the distance from the base to the tip of the middle finger is 19.7 cm) the knife successfully lay down.

With direct grip forefinger and middle fingersThey fall into the groove and are fixed in it on the sides (in the case of giant hands, there is likely a lack of space for two fingers). In this case, the thumb is placed either in the hollow on the butt or on the edge of the handle - depending on the subtlety of the work performed (it’s ridiculous to talk about a 5 mm butt cutter, but suddenly the need will force!)

With the reverse grip, the notch on the handle takes the little finger and the nameless - there is no problem at all for any geometry of the hand.

With a chopping hold, only a fat one falls into the palm.part of the handle and it is very convenient. It turns out a kind of knife-palm hinged connection, which allows the wrist joint to bend less when harvesting business wood :).

Handle material - G10 black. The plates are attached to steel with Torx screws, i.e. with a great thirst for creativity, you can disassemble and replace the pads with something self-made and creative.

About stick materials

Kaidex sheath (Kydex) + Tak-lok system (Tek-lok) = great “skin” for fixing! Easy, convenient and practical, and the options for attaching the sheath - a lot!

Tek-Lok system

Reliable fixation of the knife with a gentle click.

About Chinese D2

Many letters and words, but the knife is worthy. Thanks for attention.