Chinese replica EXTREMA RATIO - Nemesis

I present to you a replica of the Italian tacticalknife Extrema Ratio "NEMESIS". The knife Nemesis belongs to the class “Heavy duty folders”. This extremely reliable folding knife allows you to operate yourself in extremely difficult conditions and is close in characteristics to knives with a fixed blade.

Nemesis with a blade of typical Italian style wasdesigned for use in defensive combat. It has a thick, hard and sharp blade and a handle with an upper stop that prevents the arm from slipping on the blade during a stabbing blow. The back lock fuse securely holds the blade in the open position, preventing the blade from folding on the fingers even with extremely vigorous use. In addition, this fuse prevents accidental opening of the blade even in case of damage to the opening mechanism. A protrusion is formed on the back of the handle, which can simultaneously serve as a cullet, and also has an opening for fastening the cord. Includes: a knife with a clip, a set of keys for disassembly, box. The knife has a fully collapsible design on the screws, the clip can be rearranged on the other side or completely removed. The declared blade thickness is 6 mm (actually 5.8). Total length - 260, blade 115. The knife comes in a copying package of the original.

I would like to note the overall workmanship (notI can comment on the quality of the materials, in the original product they are probably better) and the completeness of the delivery, not different from the original (with the exception of the documentation). High-quality factory sharpening, no backlash.

The original knife is certified as finishing.
Certificate for the original knife

I liked the knife itself, it fits perfectly in my hand(good grip and balance). Actually, my first “review”, therefore, I will carefully consider constructive criticism, and I will try to answer all the questions regarding the subject.