Keys with Russian letters (Cyrillic) for a mechanical keyboard

For those who are looking for keys with Russian letters (Cyrillic), it may be useful to have a short description (and several photos) of the keys I bought for the test.
The set with letters was actually purchased (only with letters, the price for it is indicated) from supposedly PBT plastic with a black font of both languages, applied in a supposedly sublimation way.

Allegedly PBT - because before that I came across only ABS, and besides the thickness and the inscription inside each key I can’t reliably check / compare.

I can not vouch for the sublimation method either (because I did not hold a candle), but the letters printed on the keys do not stand out from the surface - that is, This is definitely not a laser and not exactly paint over the buttons.

The keys have a so-called “Cherry” profile (DSA or XDA with Russian letters could not be found).

If suddenly it seemed to you that the edges (lower) of the keys are not quite straight - you did not think (this is not a feature of the lens) - there really is a curvature and small burrs.

This is not an advertisement, the goods are not provided by the seller, there was no discount, no one owes anything to anyone, etc. - decide yourself whether you need it or not.
The seller has a lot and with red letters of the second language.
The buttons are not yet installed in the target keyboard.(Corsair K65), because the gaps did not coincide in length (I still have to figure out the size of the gaps), so I can’t say if there is any difference between these and ABS with stickers.
Photos taken in the evening with poor artificial light, white balance is set on a sheet of paper.
If you need to add some angles (or even rehash in general in daylight) - write.