Leather bag for non-mirror cameras brand Gariz

It all started when I was presented with a tiny Sony NEX-C3 for my birthday. And to the new camera, as you know, it is very good to buy a decent bag.
To my regret, I no longer consider rational synthetics and very comfortable backpacks with mounts and pockets for all occasions. I am capricious.

You see, it hit my head that NEX isnot so much a photograph as something like a lifestyle. For this reason, I shoveled a bunch of bags in place, another bunch in China. From grief I went to eBay, where I very simply realized that I had found what I was looking for.
How? Yes, I just caught my breath.
But the culprit of my problems with consumptionair mixture. Gorgeous leather bag Gariz, which the seller declared as "including for the NEX", although in fact it is a universal case for non-mirrored cameras.
What is good about this product? First, the bag looks amazing and made, as stated, from genuine leather. Secondly, the internal space is transformed for various cameras and sets of equipment. Although to be honest, for the purchase I had enough of the first reason.
So, first about eBay. Probably an attentive reader, has already compared the store shopping and my thoughts. So, I answer right away: after looking at eBay, I went to Aliexpress to look for something similar there.
Well, I found in a single copy, and at the same price. After that, I decided that it was the same seller, calmed down, and ordered it on Aliexpress - I’m used to it.
Now our mail. Two things surprised me. The first is the delivery time. This is the first time I receive an order SO SO: just 14 days. And this is also the first package that was opened here. The box was given me modestly tied with twine, with scotch tape cut along the "seam".
All this without any documents substantiating the fact of the autopsy. However, everything is in place.
Inside the branded box is a non-woven bag, in which, in fact, the bag lies. A curious fact: design rewards are marked on the box.
the box impressed me. Above

in front

from the back, with an example of placement of equipment

... and an indication of awards. By the way, modest: medium-sized font, everything is very concise

I was particularly struck by the Red Dot Award 2003. But I couldn’t confirm this fact: for some reason, the Red Dot archive ends in 2009. But if the truth is extremely pleasant.
As for the skin, I, as is customarysay, not an expert, and I can not determine at a glance, but I will not cut it. In fact, the bag does not smell of synthetics and other Chinese smells, but smells rather like good new leather shoes. So if it is leatherette, then great quality.
details that

seams - in my opinion just perfect

I can only complain about the fact that the locks during transport left a dent on the front of the bag.
for reference: this photo most accurately reflects the color of the bag

Constructive bags - parallelepiped, the inner space of which is modeled using a set of dividers with Velcro.
in front


on top of



on right


Separators four pieces. Leather with a lens cutout; similar in length to leather, but woven. In fact - a horizontal partition. Two more square vertical dividers.
soft dividers

In addition, the equipment of the bag includes: a leather “box” for a lens or filters, also with velcro and a leather label, where you can enter your contacts just in case.
leather divider, lens box and tag

All the inner space of the bag is soft and is a mate for velcro. Therefore, all dividers and partitions can be placed as you please.

The result - if desired, and skill can lay a lot of useful things. For example, I managed to put there:
1) Sony NEX-C3 with a normal zoom 18-55
2) Pancake 16 mm
3) Flash
4) Adapter on Nikon optics
5) Sigma 70 - 300 telephoto lens
Although it should be recognized that across the NEX fits just abutly. Saves the fact that the case is semi-rigid.
All this farm is closed in two steps: first, close the internal valves. They are Velcro. Pay attention - on the valves on both sides of the pocket, where you can put a memory card.

Then snap the external valve on the two buttons.
And for quick access to the bottom of the bag, whereI now live Sigma, there is a separate valve with a zipper. The reverse side of the valve is a pocket where, in theory, you can put the phone. In practice, there is no place left for him, but I am not mad: in general, the miracle is that the telephoto lens fits.
Finally, there is another flat pocket - on the back of the bag. This is a paper compartment, nothing more.
adjustable leather shoulder strap

The strap fits securely on the bag, nocarbines. The length is regulated within decent limits. According to my feelings, it is designed for growth up to 180 cm. What will happen if growth is greater? It's okay, just the bag will not be just below the belt, but at the level, or slightly higher.
A bit about the size:



If we sum up the plus-minus system, we get the following.
1) Stunning design
2) Fully transformable interior
3) Roomy enough
4) Good camera protection when dropped or accidentally hit.
1) Not designed for "reporting". Ie, to get the camera, you need to spend some time
Another disadvantage for me - I did not expect that the bag would look so good. Now it's even scary to go to the city.
ps. as for the color of the bag, it is not so dark as in the photo of the seller, and not so red as in mine. Something intermediate. Sorry, I did not engage in color correction.
pps. after ordering stumbled upon analog much cheaper. But the material there was honestly specified: PU Leather. If interested, you can find a lot on the "leather camera bag fashion" or "leather camera bag vintage."