Leather case for 7` tablet

After buying a tablet from Ainol, the question aroseits safety, protection from scratches ... in short, the cover question. The cover-book I did not like initially. They make the tablet thick and clumsy. All his grace disappears (but this is my personal opinion). As a result, after a search on Ali, an elegant leather case was found at first glance.

Considering the cost, was immediately ordered. After 17 days from me.

Came as it should be in a yellow bag. Itself is packed into a transparent envelope.
First impressions. Sewn good quality. Along the edges, it is filled with some kind of rubber-plastic, so that it does not pick up (done too carefully). In the corner stamped logo Android ʻa. But the paint is very figy, erased with a finger. This is probably the biggest claim to quality.

Inside the cover is trimmed with some kind of soft fleecy fabric.

Now how the tablet "sits" in a cover. Sits very freely. I honestly hoped that I would come in with some effort.

But otherwise pleased. Especially, considering the price.