L-shaped key for bits and heads for a suitcase on duty

In this review I will tell you about the use of an L-shaped key for 1/4 inch bits.
Complete with several adapters, you can turn any screws, nuts up to size 13, sprocket hexagons and more.
Once upon a time I needed hexagons forIn order to twist something in a motorcycle. The cheapest bunch of hexagons on a spring quickly got off, it was decided to buy something better. Found in the car market a small set of hexagons, enters the palm, hexagons from 2 to 8 and the normal quality.

After a couple of months of use, I liked this format and I started collecting the remaining missing items for it.
Bought a pair of adapters with a hexagon of 6.35mm per square 1/4 inch for heads.

First one set of heads in a small suitcase on duty, then the second home. Bought another L - shaped key in China.

In the photo you can see that there is almost nothe difference between branded Force and Chinese. The only difference is that the firm L - shaped adapter Force quite quickly lost the balls, the fixing plate, as it is, holds them poorly, had to be fixed with tape. With the Chinese adapter, there is no such problem.

Also bought a pack of holders for bits according to the uncle_sem review

and, as necessary, I bribe there stoked bits.

The key is convenient, twisted and nuts on 13 and screws for HP2, PZ2 in difficult places, which do not crawl with a screwdriver.
My set consists of two such L-shaped keys, bits - hexagons, 5.5-13mm heads, two adapters per square of heads, and a screwdriver - bit holder, which allows you to twist almost everything.

In the title is the price for a set at the lowest price for an L-shaped key, an adapter to the square of bits and heads for the current moment, the product I bought has long been over.