Amilo Pi1505 Laptop Keyboard Black

So, the hero of this review is the keyboard for the old man Amilo Pi1505.
It was ordered to replace the drowned native clave. She arrived in a pimple envelope. It looks exactly like in the picture, it performs its task by five plus.
Now more. First of all, of course, all local service centers were telephoned. The results drove melancholy and despondency - 2-3 thousand rubles and 6 weeks of waiting. And if you still wait, why not look at the friendly Chinese? As a result of the search, this product was found.

Workmanship is very pleased - plasticthe keys are matte, slightly rough, very pleasant to the touch. The Russian layout is printed in green, for six months of intensive use has not been erased. The keys are pressed gently and quietly. Subjectively, tactile sensations are even better than those of the old.
So where are the minuses? On the reverse side there is something like a nut, which should include a fastening screw. So this nut did not get into the place intended for it on the carcass of the laptop. The taming of the shrew was done with the help of wire cutters and took a minute and a half, after which the keyboard successfully stood on the place where it serves to this day.
Installed keyboard

back side

Conclusion - if you have time to wait, then this is a very good option.