Laser gaming mouse in red

High-quality gaming computer rodent, withlaser sensor (5040 dpi), pleasant and comfortable design, at a great price. I’ve gotten enough of the wireless Defender Maverick set (low resolution of the mouse sensor, problems with signal transmission, ever-discharged batteries), I came to the conclusion that it’s safer than the wire, so far, nothing was invented. For this reason, from the cabinet, I brought to light the dusty Genius keyboard, but when I tried to find the mouse, the fact of its absence in the house was discovered. And since we don’t have something, then the Chinese necessarily have it! With these thoughts, I went wandering around the expanses of Aliexpress. Recalling the experience of using the Krauler 330 laser mouse, I decided that I needed exactly the version with a laser sensor and, preferably, the mouse should be quite large. After a brief search, this wonderful representative of the mouse family was discovered, and immediately ordered. I paid on November 16, the mouse was sent by Singapore Post on November 19.

The hard way to send

The mouse was packed very weakly, but, most interestingly, it did not suffer in any way. Even the miniCD driver came tselohony
We now turn to the review itself.
On the left side we have: Sensor sensitivity switch (slider to the left - increase the DPI, slider to the right - lower), the "back and forth" buttons, the DPI indicator (four risks) and the selected profile (point).

There is a rubber pad with a pattern that prevents slipping from the palm.
On the right side we have one of the features of the mouse - a removable pad (the second one, unfortunately, was not put), under which there is a compartment for weights (which, again, I was cheated)

And the pad itself

Below we have: 5 sliding pads (ceramic, according to the manufacturer's assurance), an optocoupler window and a button, by clicking on which, you can remove the same pad on the right side

Taki laser!

Now a little about the buttons: they are pressed easily, with a soft click, the stroke is average in length. The "back and forth" buttons have a long stroke, most of which is "empty", without effort. Click clear. The “lift” and “mode” buttons have a short stroke with a clear click. I will tell you about the purpose of these buttons later. The wheel is pressed too easily and does not have a clear click, which is somewhat inconvenient - it is difficult to know whether the wheel was pressed or not. The wheel itself is wide, with a pattern that improves the tenacity, it rotates easily, it does not just rotate on the axle, but “clicked”. Also can scroll horizontally.

Now I will tell about the functional. Let's start with the buttons "lift" and "mode". The “mode” button allows us to choose one of seven button settings. Each of the seven modes has its own display color. You can reassign buttons using the Canyon Gaming Mouse program, which is supplied on the disk, along with the mouse. Button "lift", as I understand it, allows you to adapt the mouse when transferring from one working surface to another. The software functionality was removed under the spoiler with screenshots.

Color indication

A few words about quality: The mouse is made of nice, smooth plastic and soft-touch rubber. All the joints are smooth, the slits are uniform, the color is of high quality, there is no flash or burr. The cable is braided from synthetic fabric, has a ferrite ring, in the place of entry into the mouse sits firmly, not loose. USB connector cast.

Photos in hand:

Length: 127 mm
Width 85 mm
Height is 42 mm
Weight: 128 grams (without weights)

And now the conclusions. For 650 rubles I received:
+ many settings
+ nice appearance
+ high resolution
+ convenient form
+ no batteries and stable connection with PC
of the minuses:
- incomplete kit
I recommend you to buy
P.S. My first review. Please report any design errors, as well as grammatical and punctuation.
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