Lenovo A750 - Smartphone from China with support for two SIM cards, with a fast processor and a capacious battery

Hello! The current hero of the review is a dual-purpose smartphone from China from the manufacturer, it can be said with a world name - Lenovo, and on the new MTK6575 processor. Under the cut you will find a fairly detailed description and testing, a lot of photos and a couple of videos.
1. Purchase.

The phone was taken on aliexpress from this seller April 7th of this year ... Seller was selected byrated and due to the fact that he offered as a gift a cover, a film, and a card reader. Yes, yes, the Russian man is for free. I also asked him (the seller) to throw an adapter for European charging in the package. A discount coupon of $ 5 was used and in the end the price was $ 204.99. Now, of course, you can buy cheaper.
2. Parcel.
Delivery took 43 days, a long time, although the Hong Kong post.
The seller sent a message so that it is goodpacked goods. He fulfilled the request: he wrapped a parcel with a dummy polyethylene and pasted over everything from the heart with an orange scotch (photo did not, sorry). Thanks to him, I saved a valuable box from our favorite mail.
3. Package.
The phone and personal belongings are packed in a small colorful box, pleased with the image of a giant battery. Inside the box were:
-battery, large battery, self-healing, ide battery
-charger with chinese plug
-wire stereo headset standard Chinese quality (horror sound, but go for talking)
-microusb-usb cable
- waste paper (manual, warranty card)
adapter for our sockets (thanks to the seller, fulfilled the request)
- promised gifts, i.e. cover, film, card reader. The cover turned out to be mediocre, the card reader - immediately threw it far away, because I have a normal one available. The film is the only useful gift.
contents of delivery

4. Appearance, first impressions.
In appearance, the phone creates the impression of a good one. Everything is well made, metal grille on the dynamics, beautifully made logo. The back cover is made of a nice soft plastic, there is also the logo of the manufacturer and some Chinese operator here, BUT: the back cover creaks slightly, it upsets. Maybe the fact is that there is no battery?
We try to open the lid, the mechanism, in my opinion,Reliable hook the bottom of the cover with a fingernail, then open and remove it along the perimeter. We insert the battery, and at the same time a sim card with a flash drive. Close the lid. Poorly. Creaks anyway. Ehh, Lenovo-Lenovo, a brand with a world name ...
It should be noted that the phone has already been pastedfactory film. I went with her for more than two weeks. Reason: I could not immediately take it off, but I know it is funny, I can say that the factory film is quite decent, I didn’t have a desire to tear off and throw it out.

Behind it is an interestingly shaped opening, under which an additional speaker is located, next to the peephole of the camera (5 megapixels).

On top of the standard connector for connecting headphones or a 3.5mm headset and on / off / lock / unlock button, as in all androids.

On the left is the volume rocker, on the right is the camera button, so missing for many owners of android phones. Above the screen there is a front camera window (0.3 megapixels) and a light sensor.

Under the screen you can find three touch navigation buttons (menu, home, back), as well as a microphone. Bottom microusb connector for charging and connecting to a PC.
After switching on, a melody plays, some kind of animationIt shows, everything is as usual. The standard language was set to English. Rummaging around a bit on the menu, it was decided to change the firmware to Russian, not even to Russian, but to “without garbage”. I chose the firmware from the famous forum.
After began to settle in the smartphone. Programs, toys, music, pictures.
What is worth noting: the dimensions of the phone are 125.6 X 64.5 X 13.8 mm, weight is 163 grams, 4-inch display with a resolution of 480 * 800.
The dimensions are comfortable, the phone sits well in the hand,weight is felt normally. The size of the display is enough, at first it was even a bit too much, it was not always possible to reach the top of the display with your thumb, but then I got used to it.

Let's look at the characteristics in a little more detail.
Resolution 480 * 800, 4 inches diagonal. The usual matrix - TFT. Somewhere, information slipped through that the display shows 16 million colors. What can I say to this ... TRAINS! Well, I do not believe that there are 16 million, well, this can not be. I compared the display with the SE ray, where also the TFT is 16 million colors, the sky and the earth is simple. Lenovo incorrectly displays colors, making them unnatural. The color rendition is definitely not the strongest side of this display. Viewing angles are average, low viewing angle only when the machine is tilted towards itself. Touch responsive, good, but loses the iPhone and the above-mentioned SE Ray. Multitouch on 3 fingers. Pixelization is not noticeable. The stock of brightness is sufficient, you can put auto-adjustment. The screen fades in the sun, but remains readable. IMHO, they saved on the display.

I could not yet understand what the screen is made of, glassor not, but I tend to the first. I think the first time still looks like a film, the reluctance from the first month to have scratches on the display, and there are fewer prints on it.
6. Processor.
New development of the Chinese (Taiwanese) company MediaTek. Lenovo A750 was the first phone on this processor.

CPU features

If interested, you can read this topic. From there, by the way, the picture and characteristics are stolen
The processor is fast, there are no brakes, everything is scrolling smoothly. Previously, the performance was measured in birds ... now we measure in GTA =)) Angry Birds Space does not slow down. GTA3 comes without brakes.
Results of performance tests:

In general, I recommend reading about these tests this.
Of the 512MB of RAM, approximately 200 are available to the user. The brakes were not noticed by me, for my everyday tasks this is enough.
6. Camera.
The Lenovo A750 has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. Immediately I will say about the lack of flash: we buy a flashlight on the keys together.

The maximum resolution of images 2560x1920
Maximum video resolution: 1280 * 720
I use the camera only when I need to shootAny text, for this purpose, in principle, it is suitable, other areas of application do not interest me, but several pictures were taken for review, you can rate them below:
Photo examples

The camera has many settings: exposure, shooting modes, white balance, sharpness, saturation, several color effects, size and quality of photos, there is a function of face detection, the ability to select the focus mode, ISO, the number of focus areas, metering settings, flicker suppression and reset to factory settings (relevant to so many points).
There is also a panorama shooting function, examples:

A video camera can record at 720p, two examples below, one HD, the other not.

The front camera has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, hardly anyone would like to take pictures of it, and it is not very suitable as a mirror. Can be used for video calls and skype.
7. Communication.
Many people choose Chinese phones because of the support of 2 SIM cards. It is not interesting to me.
Implemented support for the following communication standards: WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA: 2100MHz / 850MHz; GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz. The radio module in the phone is one, i.e. during a conversation on one sim card, the second is inactive and, accordingly, you will not be able to get through. You can also select which SIM card is used by default in the settings (voice calls, video calls, SMS / MMS, data transfer). 3G only works on the first SIM card, which, as I understand it, is the cost of MTK6575.
Well, as well as the rest of the "gentleman's set": Bluetooth 2.1c A2DP, allowing you to cling to a wireless headset; Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n paired with TP-Link WR1043ND router allows you to enjoy the Internet and provide file transfer over LAN at high speed, watch 720p video without lags, as well as the standard androida features: notification of available networks, saving and auto connect to networks Of the interesting: the ability to work in the router mode: the distribution of the Internet to other devices via Wi-Fi. There is a GPS on the phone, I don’t use it, so I’ll give an excerpt from the FAQ forum on this model:

The phone has an FM radio, the headphone wire acts as an antenna, everything is standard here. Sensitivity is good. From the interesting: you can record the air, it remains only to get there
8. Sound quality.
Sound from the speaker is good, voiceIt is transmitted clearly, I also hear well. The volume of the multimedia speaker is even too high, crackles are heard at the maximum volume, the speaker screams, but the call is unlikely to be missed, this justification can be seen for a slight vibration, which, unlike the sound one, is very easy to miss.
The sound in standard headphones you know what. But I picked up the sound I picked up on my Philips.

Not to say that the quality is great, but itEnough for comfortable listening, if you are not a music lover. The bass is felt, the sound is clear, the volume is enough. On this point, Lenovo does not lag behind other devices.
9. The lifetime of the device without an outlet.
Here this phone showed itself with a verygood side, two days in conditions of intensive use, and then in the evening you have to finish it up to discharge games. This is due to the capacious battery, I think, if you turn on the economy mode, it will live 4 days.
10. Multimedia features.
Standard music player refused to play some mp3, why - I do not know. Screenshots of its interface below:

From the interesting: The standard player displays its widget on the lock screen, and you can control it (back, pause, forward) without unlocking the device, which is even more interesting; this player controls the volume when you press the volume rocker when the display is locked and even turned off. Although maybe for someone it's a minus.

Standard video player doesn't understand muchformats, does not understand a lot. Third-party programs come to the rescue: with the help of them, most of the 720p files are played without lags, 1080p cannot be watched - hell brakes.
The gallery is standard, replaced immediately by another image viewer.
11. Sensors.
Light sensor works. The position sensor also - regularly changes the orientation of the screen in space, sometimes its sensitivity is too high - it reacts to too small tilts of the device. Proximity sensor - I will evaluate the work at 4k. When approaching the ear, the display immediately turns off, the cheek pressing does not happen even once, but the display turns on to slow down, remove the phone from the cheek, but it does not turn on the display for a second, sometimes it strains.
12. Other.
My phone works on this firmware. The firmware received the root. Everything is stable, no problems, freezes, glitches were noticed, and it is very pleasing.
It is possible to upgrade to ICS, but I haven’t done it yet, if you are interested in reading this topic on china-iphone, more than 100 pages of information about this device.
Convenient standard lockscreen - quick access to calls, sms, camera, desktop.

I liked the chip, with an outgoing call, the phone vibrates slightly when the other party answers - very convenient. You can record conversations directly from the call screen - you need to press the record key.

In the drop-down bar on top you can quickly turn on / off almost all functions, a handy thing, for those who do not like widgets with similar functions on the desktop.

There is not enough LED to alert you about received messages, missed calls, charged batteries.
The operation of the touch and iron buttons is not satisfactory.
Advantages and disadvantages:
+ price, cheap compared to well-known telephone brands;
+ support for 2x SIM cards;
+ very capacious battery;
+ performance;
+ the ability to upgrade to ICS (unofficially so far, but Lenovo promises official firmware);
- direct display;
-Skin back cover (correcting by putting a piece of paper, otherwise the assembly is perfect);
-weak vibration;
-no flash, LED;
Plus, in my opinion, more than minuses. And for those who believe that the main characteristic of a mobile device is mobility, i.e. the ability to work as long as possible without a charger - this device is a very good choice. And there are rumors that Lenovo will release their smartphones in Russia and then, perhaps there will even be official Russian firmware and support, oh, dreams ...