Macro Extension Ring For CAN EOS EF DSLR & SLRo

The first time I decided to order something from China, and this is what came of it.
Day payment was checked, then 2 days goingthe parcel. I flew somewhere in the sky for 5 days and finally landed in Moscow. In one day I went through customs and went to my lands. In total, it turned out 17 days. came rings with a box, then in a bag, and another in a box, and another in a bag. Not broken not crumpled, in excellent condition.

The downsides of these rings are to take a picture of your familyThe lenses can only be with a fully open aperture, so some nitos helios44 will work fine here, or, for example, I have the World-38, but at the moment I can't take a picture of them, so I’ll post photos from the whale 18-55.

This is how the 38b world looks with the lens ... cumbersome of course ... but with Helios it will be much more compact, and there were still industrial pancakes, so they probably have beauty ...

They consist of three rings of different thickness, ringsthe lens is moved away from the matrix, thereby narrowing the picture and shifting the focus point ... that is, if before the minimum distance at which the lens reduced focus was 25 centimeters, then with rings it would become 2.5 centimeters, well, this is me approximately. Well, respectively, choosing the right ring or a pair of rings, you can choose how close to the subject you can bring the lens.
The focal length was on the lens 55 ... aperture 5.6
On manual lenses can be setthe aperture is smaller and, accordingly, get a large depth of field, most of the pictures will be in focus. Well, the manual Russian lenses require a transition ring from the M42 to the bayonet of your camera, which can also be easily found on Ali, rings with focal confirmation ... I do not use this myself. In this case, canon.
There are rings for 42 threads exactly as far as I remember choosing between the M42 and these ... these have Kenon bayonet on both sides ...
At the expense of the rings under 39 threads I did not see but I think there are ... there are exactly adapters from the M39 to the canon.
And yes, and still, the rings do not play tightly.
This is my first review, so sorry if something goes wrong))
And for the quality of photos sorry))
Thank you for attention.