Micro SD card with SD transfer adapter in plastic box

  • Price: US $ 3.80 (was $ 4.50, ordered at 3.98, as wholesale for 3 pieces). Shipping is now $ 2.63 CN and $ 8.42 HK
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Micro SD from China or still better to walk to the offline store.
For the lazy: to buy or not - you decide.
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Good day, friends!
I present to your attention the regular reviewer of Chinese products.

I ordered this good for a friend with a phone and a bumper (reviews will be a little later) in a modest wholesale - 3 pieces of 4 Gb each. Why 4? and in a regular mobile phone more and not necessary.

Flash drives came in a “small package”, glued inside with a pimply transport film (photo below).
I don’t see much sense to sharpen Lyasa, so I’m testing right away. For comparison, I tested the old Micro SDHC Transcend 8 Gb (6 class):

The result on the face.
Flash drives do not reach the claimed class a bit, as opposed to 8 gigovoy - that, in turn, corresponds to the 10th class (price is 370 rubles. Reference)
To order or not, I will not give advice. one.5 gigs from 8 to 4 threw about 20-25 minutes, WinXR showed 199 minutes constantly and the slider instantly jerked almost to the end =). I would no longer buy anything from this seller. But the choice is yours)
A photo

Criticism is welcome)
review specially for redlightgreen.org by kurajm