8GB micro SD card with card reader

At your own risk, I ordered an SD card for the phone from the Chinese, since the price was much lower than in our stores.
Today the parcel arrived, I review:
I apologize for the photos, I took pictures on a mobile phone, I don’t have a camera as completely unnecessary.
In five layers of pimply polyethylene, in a small bag lay the card itself and a small USB card reader:

The card itself looks like this:

Moreover, Kingston is written on the map's package, and samsung is written on the map itself ...
Naturally, the first thing I put the card in the card reader, put it all into the computer and ... It works. And the Chinese have written a lot of various videos, music and pictures on the map:

Pictures, apparently, wallpaper for tablets.

All files are read, everything is written to the card, so it doesn’t look like a fake.
That's how I became the owner of another flash drive and a card reader, which I lacked a little, at a quite good price, which I wish you.