micro SD card or “100% Original Kingmax Memory Card” - 32GB, Class 10

Hey. I am writing this review and do not understand why I am doing this? What, in fact, can be said about the new micro SD card? Nothing ... I can only say that on Aliexpress you can buy a normal 32 gb card of the 10th grade. For $ 36 in regular stores of our city only 6th class can be bought, the 10th option is limited, the price passes for 2 tr.

A little photo.
1. Box:

2. Blister out of the box:

3. The card itself:

Recently, someone has already described the purchase of a 16 gb card here and attached the test results. I will show my own:

According to the tests, like, honest card 32 gb 10 class. I hope it will last a long time. I advise! The seller is normal, communicates in the chat, quickly ordered ...