MicroSD 32Gb from “HaoshiDingDong” or just an inexpensive card

I saw a link to this card in onefrom the reviews (I couldn’t find it, so I can’t say exactly who ...), and I’ve just “taken” mine to 32Gb, but after taking the link, I don’t take it, only SanDisk is like a toad did not give, well, no cards, okay. And then this option, for, at that time 266r. quite a (now 255r.). I studied the reviews, there are not many dissatisfied, and there is also a breach on the branded ones, in general I took it, it’s not expensive)).

They are sent in a simple envelope, so it is better to check the mail immediately, damage it altogether once or twice.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Of course, it doesn’t work that long, but so far there are no claims. Speeds are noticeably better than what was from such a form factor to this.
P.S. This is certainly not a review, but rather a reminder of how I once had, from the series - oh, but I also needed it.
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