NEW SATA 2nd HDD caddy for 12.7mm universal CDROM-12.7mm SATA-SATA

I wanted to laptop 2 drive to Windowssometimes download, and take place under backups. Since there is no standard connector for another SATA HDD, and I don’t use a DVD drive at all, the choice was obvious - instead of a DVD, put a box from the HDD, which was quickly found on AliExpress.

ATTENTION! On the website of the seller of the photo SATA-IDE box, but believe the description, there is SATA-SATA.
Came in a dense cardboard box, inside 2 times wrapped in a pimply film, strange, but the box was generally without a single dent (mail, is that you?).
Installing the drive in the adapter is extremelysimple + on the box itself the pictures of what and how to turn are drawn. In the end, we remove the DVD drive (I also had to unscrew the DVD corner, which holds this DVD in my laptop, in order to twist it to this box)

We screw the bolts into the HDD (included) and insert the disk into the box, pressing it with a plastic retainer (also included) and we get this disk in a “box”, it sits tightly:

We insert into the computer and ... it turns out that in my laptopit cannot be loaded from it, in any way, it was necessary to register a new line in the GRUB bootloader in order for the Windows to start on the new disk. The second day is normal flight.
I do not think that inside the box is something more complicated than a blunt connection of 2 connectors (I did not disassemble). Therefore, tests comparing the speed of reading disks:
When connected to a regular SATA (one disk, therefore, dips in speed are caused by access to the disk by other programs)

And when you connect the same disk through an adapter (no one except the testing program addresses the disk):

Happy as an elephant - now no need to drag an external USB HDD =)