Night light - the moon. A piece of space in your home.

Anyone who often orders something for Aliexpress, probably came across such an unusual lamp in the shape of a ball, stylized as a reduced copy of the moon. Today I review it.
The lamp arrived in a carton box:

We have a stand made of Beech, consisting of three parts, and it should be assembled. There is also a 1 meter USB cable for charging, and instructions in English:


Here are the main characteristics, but you can also look at the seller’s page in more detail:
Material: PLA plastic
Light color: white and yellow (cold and warm)
Light source: LEDs
Power: 0.3 W
Battery capacity: 250 mAh Strange, but 400 mAh is written in the instructions for the device.
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Work time: 4–20 hours (depending on brightness)
The stand is assembled easily and even glue is not required, as the dowels are tightly inserted into the holes and had to knock with a hammer:

If desired, it can be covered with stain or varnish.
The lamp keeps on a support quite reliably:


Charging slot, if you look closely, you can see a soldered loop of the technological hole around it:

Good or bad, but it is not clearly visible and soldered quite neatly. In addition, if you put the moon this place down, then nothing is visible.
The surface of the moon is rough, heterogeneous, upon closer examination it is clear that the texture was printed on a 3D printer:

When charging, the lamp does not work, but is only illuminated with a red light from the inside:

At the end of the charge, the backlight goes out.
We have two color temperatures of a luminescence, warm and cold. And this is quite enough.
Warm glow:


The lamp turns on with a short touch on the charging socket, in the same way the light modes switch.

If you need to turn down or add brightness again,On any of the modes, just hold your finger on the socket and release it at the desired level of brightness. After the lamp is turned off, the previously set brightness levels are not lost, and this is a plus.

Here is such a beautiful and functional night light.

Let's sum up.
Positive sides:
+ It looks beautiful. This may not be an exact copy of the surface of our moon, but who knows how many different moons in the universe
+ It looks quite decent workmanship. Plastic does not smell.
+ Uniform backlight
+ Two modes of luminescence + brightness control
+ Touch control
+ Built-in battery - autonomy
+ Memory brightness levels
+ Light weight
+ Different variations in the size of the sphere
+ Can be charged from any USB sources.
- Unfortunately, it does not work when charging or even just the inserted cable. For me, this is a minus.
- No moisture protection
- Do not drop, can split.
Well, the last. Expensive-ahi can print the lamp on a 3D printer in the presence, of course, a 3D printer.
The rest can simply buy a lamp for $.
I express my gratitude to the store for the product provided for review.