PIXCO AF Confirm Mount Adapter For M42 Lens to Canon EF. Adapter for Canon Canon SLR cameras for M42 lenses.

Why hide old photographic equipment on the entresol or in a dusty cabinet?
For owners of modern SLR cameras, new opportunities are opening up for creativity with an adapter for lenses with M42 threads to the Canon EF bayonet (EF-S).
Many houses store old Zeniths. It is necessary to scrape the bottom of the barrel and see what kind of lenses are installed on them.

In most cases - this is Helios-44, but there are also interesting glass ...
And in our time, you can buy a new lens with interesting features for little money. For example, Zenitar-M fisheye.
In order to use these lenses, you need a special adapter.
Adapters produce two types - simple and withconfirmation of focus. Their difference in the presence of a glued chip, which informs the camera that the lens is installed and has certain parameters.
I have had a similar adapter for several years, but, I got tired of getting into the thread when changing the lens and I decided to order another one.
Moreover, Chinese products are much cheaper than the same, but domestic. Namely, four times.
I found a seller on Ali or bought an adapter for 10 dollars. And here is what actually came:

The adapter came in the usual thick envelope.yellow paper. The box with the device itself was wrapped in a bubble film, a warranty was inserted into the envelope and a card with a request to leave a positive review.

Since I have something to compare with, I’ll compare it with an old adapter that I bought offline.

The photos have a black adapter - made in Russia.
As you can see the differences in the chip. The Chinese have fewer contacts. But it works just as well.
The second difference is that the ChineseThe thread is under the lens pass, and ours - no. Our thread is deaf, limited by a side against which the pin of the "jumping" diaphragm rests. When using the Chinese, it is necessary to turn on the “manual mode” of the diaphragm, otherwise the hole will always be as open as possible.
The thickness of both adapters is the same - 7 mm.

Lens adapters:

The Russian adapter is flashed as 85mm / 2.8, and the Chinese 50mm / 1.4
Last-generation Russian adapters havereprogramming capability - enter real information about the lens into the chip. How to program the Chinese do not know yet. Maybe someone managed to find this information?
Chinese adapter made of stainless steel orjust chrome (I can not understand, but I do not want to cut), very carefully. He has no traumatic edges. Mounted in bayonet and removed well. Quality thread, the lens is screwed into it perfectly. The Russian adapter has a special puller. The Chinese, it seems, do not need it because of the smoother surface.
Such a photographer should have in his arsenal every photographer, especially since the cost is small.
P.S. Almost all the photos in my reviews were made with the MIR-10A lens, and macro-photographs were made with HELIOS-44M with macro-rings.
P.P.S. The seller sent the parcel very quickly. In China, she, too, literally flew, but the Russian Post ...
Instructions for programming chips (Dandelions). Thank you balamut