Polarizing goggles for night driving and sports from VEITHDIA

After reading a couple of reviews about driving glasses at night, I decided to order and check how effective they would be.
I have sunglasses from VEITHDIA, I like the quality of the lenses and frames, so I decided to order glasses for driving from them.

Glasses come in a small black box.

Inside is a case and advertising brochure.

Hard case, there is a convenient carbine, well, according to the tradition of Chinese designers, their brand should be everywhere, and if it is possible, as large as possible.

Inside there are glasses, a cloth for wiping lenses and an image to check polarization.

Metal eyeglass frame pointsopen and close with little effort. The tip of the ear hook as well as the nose pad is made of rubber. The glasses do not have the lower rim of the rim, the lenses are screwed only to the upper bar. Plastic lenses.

Weight points 25 grams.

The polarization of this glasses is less than that of sun glasses, because of this the fish is not so clearly visible. About the same seller writes on the product page.

With prolonged use of eye glasses from themdo not get tired. If you use glasses in the afternoon, you will not see a special effect, but as soon as it starts to get dark, the difference becomes more noticeable. I cycled all day and by the evening, when it began to get dark, without glasses everything seemed darker than with glasses.
Some kind of "wow!“I didn’t expect them to drive during the night driving, but I confess I was very surprised, because the headlights of oncoming cars began to dazzle much less, and my eyes after long driving tired much less. I can assume that these glasses are not suitable for everyone, but if your eyes are very tired from the headlights of oncoming cars, I advise you to try this type of glasses.
The prices of glasses in this store are almost at the same level, usually on sales, the price is reduced by $ 1-1.5, so if you want to save, it is better to buy using a coupon for the total amount.