Washable winter jacket

Good day to all, here, too, decided to publish my first review. Basically, I always took goods after reading reviews and comments here. I do not recommend buying
This is actually the product itself.

The description was genuine sheep leather for $ 75
I read here that there is no genuine leather on Ali, but I was hoping for a decent PU which many people cannot distinguish from leather and withstands many checks when checking for genuine leather

Here made a neat cut

checking with matches for 5 seconds dispelled all doubts about the quality

But there is a plus - the size went very well, I liked how the jacket sits

I wrote to the seller about the fact that there is no skin here and as a proof I attached a photo in the section, I asked him to return half of the money for having been cruelly deceived.
Sold replied that I was wrong and that this is the mostThere is no genuine sheep leather and he is not going to give me any return. Then he added that if I am not satisfied with the quality, I can send it back and they will conduct a quality control of the skin and if it is not natural, then they will return the full cost.
I almost forgot