Men's Korean Down Coat

Good evening everyone.
I want to share the joyful impressions of buying a men's jacket on Ali.
The package was very welcome. Mail, as always, pleases with “fast” delivery. The most funny thing is, the import went pretty quickly, but the package for the customs was a record amount of time for me ... In general, the package flew out of China on November 27, received yesterday. From December 14, I walked across Russia to me to the south, in Tuapse.

We now turn to the jacket itself.
Photos from the seller are quite detailed and completely, as it turned out, correspond to reality.
Material: high quality leatherette. It doesn't really shine, it's all a flash. For the south, this jacket is considered winter. We have snow a maximum week in a year and the temperature at -5 is already a disaster. For a normal Russian winter jacket, of course, a little light ...
A husband with a height of 175 is quite subtle, I would even say that he is skinny, although he eats perfectly. Lucky, in general, with the metabolism)))
I communicate with Chinese platforms for a long time (about 3years), so I’m almost never mistaken myself with the sizes of clothes and shoes. But with a loved one, I found a spit on a stone. 2 of 3 things to him are small, then great.
With honey samples and rendered brain, I came to the conclusion that the Chinese M does not fit at all, ordered L at my own risk, and guessed right.
The size of her husband is 96-86-92. Shoulders 46. Sleeve Length 63.
Judging by the measurements of the jacket purchased size, dimensional mesh lying in the minus 3-5 cm.
Now about the seller.
In TM meets the sweetest girl Ada. While we were determined with the size, we talked, exchanged contacts in all the messengers and we could say we became friends. By the way, here it is)
Additional Information

And now the photo of the jacket itself.
Zara however)))
Background leaves much to be desired, because the repair and the cat.

And now the lyrics)
As I wrote above, with Ada (the seller) we talked a lot, she told me about romance in China, and I sent her a photo of the Black Sea.
In general, I asked her to send me with a jacketsome souvenir from the Middle Kingdom. The souvenir itself was not discussed, we decided to let it be a surprise. She did not take the money for him, although I insistently offered.
As a result, I received this Chinese doll and earrings. The pupa, by the way, is rather big 18 cm high.
My joy knew no bounds, although I’ve been out of my age when they play dolls.

According to the results.
Price - hit the share when this jacket was worth not $ 149, but $ 59.6
Quality is excellent. No errors found (threads, uneven seams, etc.)
Full compliance product seller photos.
Almost full compliance with the dimensional grid. Typically, the Chinese have an error of 10 cm or more.
Well, a continuous positive from communicating with the seller.
And they are not. We sent it quickly, answered questions quickly, the product was excellent - there was nothing to complain about.
Delivery time nerves spoiled, but it is not the fault of the seller.
Thank you all for your attention. With pleasure I will answer all questions in comments.