camera bag: cheap and cheerful?

When choosing this photo bag, the main criterion was low price. And while the bag was on the way, I had to guess, would it come at all a worthless cheap thing or is it something acceptable?
As usual, the choice of text and video version of the review. Video at the bottom of the page
Closer to the summer I decided to take a bag for a camera,to take him for walks. Every day I walked with the child, I usually take the camera with me, and the full-size bag designed for the camera + flash + charging is redundant and too cumbersome. I wanted to take something more compact. Capacity requirements: “camera + spare battery + cleaning wipes”. I looked and picked up and ordered this one because it was the cheapest. Now, when writing a review, I was surprised when I saw the price of $ 7 with delivery. I bought it for 4 and a half. By Black Friday prices pulled up, or what?

By order and receipt there was no action and scandals, the bag arrived normally.
When ordering the cheapest bag, I prepared for crooked seams and other flaws. However, contrary to expectations, the workmanship turned out to be pretty decent.

It looks quite good, and the quality of sewing without complaints

Only the lining on the strap looks cheap, as if it was cut out of leather for shoe insoles


The capacity of the camera is exactly under my initialRequirements: Nikon D7100 with a 18-105 lens fits in a snood, and batteries, napkins fit into the side pockets, and some small change can be put in there (when I went in shorts without pockets in the summer, put documents and a phone in there)

In general, everything suits, except for the length of the strap. If it is adjusted to the maximum length, the bag turns out to be an armpit.

Convenient option of wearing, throw behind your back

In the summer on a t-shirt is normal, but on a jacket, and even more so on winter clothes, is not an option at all.
You can also find fault with the fact that the side pocket locks fit under the carabiners of the strap, and if the locks are fastened all the way and the bag hangs on the shoulder, you have to fish them out.

Lightning is working fine, use the mainbranch is convenient. It can also be noted that the walls of the bag are thin, there is some kind of material, like foam rubber, but one cannot count on any more or less reasonable protection against shocks and falls.
In general, the bag is quite suitable for the purposes for which it was purchased. All summer, she carried her on a daily basis without any damage. It looks quite good.
The only essential for me minus strap is designed for dwarfs, so either this is a purely summer bag or change strap