LED bulbs with remote control chambered for T10.

These light bulbs I took just to see.

Light bulbs are delivered in a blister, on the reverse side the modes of operation are described.

Here comes the first surprise - Strobe here it is colorfulgradual changes, and smooth - flashing between red and blue. That is, they stupidly confused the correspondence of the buttons to the modes, but they did not redo it - “and it will come down”
From the modes as we can see 4 pure colors - red,green, blue and white obtained by turning on all three diodes; and a bunch of shades. Also there are 4 effects modes - 3 types of color change of different smoothness and strobe mode. strobe lights flash 4 times red, 4 times blue, then quickly blue - red, then in a circle. In the "color" modes, you can adjust the brightness, the number of gradations is not considered. When you press the button again corresponding to the current color - the stroboscope is turned on with this color.
The panel is membrane, hollow. In this regard, the front panel sticker does not fit properly, and under it the insides and stiffeners are felt.

The light bulbs themselves are 32x9.5mm in size and are filled with transparent silicone. It is soft, and I think this is a huge plus in this case.

The base has a polarity, if confused - notworks. Inside you can see a pair of diodes (either a diode and a zener diode), three transistors, a d / y receiver, a 6-foot microcontroller, and a little resistors and capacitors ...

Turn on, off, switch colors -smooth. Oddly enough, there is memory in the light bulbs, that is, the operation mode and brightness are restored both after switching off from the console, and after disconnecting and connecting external power. That is, when off-on from the console, the lamp turns on in the same mode, and when the power is disconnected and connected, it turns on in the previous mode, or if it was turned off, it will remain off and will need to be turned on from the console.
Thus you can turn on, for example, on onelight bulb blue strobe, on the second red, equip them with a model of a police car, and get pretty good flashing lights that when power is applied will immediately go into the correct mode.
The current consumed at minimum brightness in white is 12mA, in others 8mA, in maximum white 100mA, green 40mA, red and blue 35mA.
A couple of vidosikov about how it works. At change of brightness ostensibly flickers - the eye does not see it. Well, the strobe does not look quite like in life. And, on the video there is not very clean hand without a manicure.
memory mode when off / on with the remote

state memory when off / on external power

Well, the modes in general.

Summing up. Inexpensive LED controller with special effects with d / y. I'm not sure that all this can be bought cheaper for spare parts, but I am sure that it can be disassembled into parts for some of its handicrafts, such as festoons or a police car for a child. Strobe lights blink quite convincingly. And, well, the desynchronization is naturally present. In vehicles, as we all remember, special signals are prohibited on public roads.