75W xenon flashlight

The fact that this device is a normal personmost likely not needed, I will not deny. But I sometimes like to climb, and as the pros of this case say, “The ISO value of illegal photos is directly dependent on the severity of the consequences of detention.” Taken from here lana-sator.livejournal.com/160176.html In general, sometimes you want light. Lot. Highly. And preferably with a reasonable color temperature (3000-5000K). This device at a reasonable price, weight and dimensions can do it. Who is not indifferent to such things, read on

Plastic clips, on which the belt - sucks, after they opened once, I pulled the laces from the shoes for insurance.
Appearance is on the pictures on the site, and I will tell what he has inside. Battery pack disassembled

Inside, as you might guess, 9 pcs of 18,650 unknown containers. According to the label on the battery, the capacity is 7.8 A / h
I will not say that I had a strong desire to disassemble it, but after a couple of months of operation, something inside it began to clatter inside of the battery pack, and I had to unleash it in order to avoid
The unit can operate in three modes - 35/55/75 watts, frankly, the difference is not great, but very noticeable. LED lights around the button shine red / blue / green

The key transistor is located immediately on the reverse side, and the inductance of the stabilizer is on the other board, from the side of the connectors

So real stabilizers do not design stabilizers, EM interference and low efficiency is guaranteed ... But what do you want for this money?
But (bonus, bonus!) On the connector board there are 3 microcandel LEDs of 20 each, and their switch.

Fuck you need 3 outputs going to the lamp ignition unit - I don’t know, but I think that this is due to the use of a throttle in the battery pack, they still promise an ignition voltage of 23 kV :)
Sock ignition unit looks like this

The inscription is somehow dumb ...
Lamp closeup

In operation (f = 22 mm, shutter speed 1/8000, d = 22, iso100)

Reflector - traces of soot at the top are probably the consequences of burning a “high-temperature” sealant with which a ceramic tube is glued, isolating the upper electrode from the reflector.

Ignition unit could not be disassembled, it is allcompletely filled with black sealant. The lamp ignition time is 30 ... 45 seconds. Screwing an ammeter to the "+", I saw that the current at start is maximum (7.5 A), then it gradually falls and in the 35W mode it is 5.4 A, which gives 11.1 * 5.4 = 60w (!)
Now sobsno how shines. In general, the light is strong, but stupid. I still infuriates very powerful lateral illumination on the very edge. That is, there is no focused spot of high brightness, like that of LED lamps, but the brightness everywhere in the illumination zone is not childish.
By the way, the lantern arrived in a hefty box, withbattery, lying separately. Why did I understand it in about a month when I took this device with me, stuffing it in a long woolen sock (so that it wouldn’t get scratched) in a backpack with a tool. And having collected things I notice that something is shining from a backpack. For a minute (or less), the wool sock was burned twice, and the strap of the flashlight once. So the thing is quite dumb, if you check in at the airport - only unassembled, but you can not fly ...
Here is a photo in the park, there is nothing to compare with, at the end of the week there will be a trustfire x6, you can change it ...

And to feel the size of the product

A lantern hangs on its brow, ninety meter tall