USB Vest with heating function: stop freezing in winter!

The vest is suitable for those who are constantly freezing, suitable for athletes under sportswear in winter, suitable for warming the lower back for those who have similar problems.
It has long been interesting to try, what kind of game is this.

So, offered on the review vest with the functionheating. The vest is thin, synthetic, inside the wire is made of carbon fiber, heating. The vest itself is heated, and also retains heat, which is important with active sports in the winter or just to survive the long Russian winter.

Vest features:
1. Men's winter vest by connecting an external battery to the usb port.
2. Adjustable temperature within 25 ℃ / 35/45 ℃, the temperature is maintained.
3. Waterproof button and connector that are not afraid of washing.
4. 100% polyester, refined, soft, warm and comfortable.
5. With a zipper, ultra-thin, easily suitable for winter, cold autumn, under sportswear, etc.
6. Special internal pocket to accommodate external battery.
7. Modes are indicated by color (red / white / blue).

1. Model: YBC8991
2. Material: polyester 100%
3. Color: black
4. Size: L / XL / XXL / XXXL
5. Maintain temperature: Yes
The vest itself is warm, but the heat keeps bad- I do not recommend to leave it in one house (only in it). It is used as a "poddevki" for ordinary outerwear. It is best to wear on top of thermal underwear. And on top - outerwear for the weather - jackets on fleece / padding, etc., which should isolate the heat from the vest from the street cold.
Clothes came packaged in a simple package.

Inside there is a liner, which causes some trepidation and thoughts “will I not fry” ...

Inside the bag was a synthetic vest (material - natural polyester)

Immediately striking a large button

Labels in Chinese. Size L. There is an indication of the use of materials (wire with carbon fiber).

On the vest there is a zipper, plastic, and the obligatory inscription Fasion

The castle is the easiest, no frills. The vest is quite budget

Pockets, side, two pieces, zipped.

Sleeve stitched.

By the way, the wire is sewn up in the sleeve and in the collar - it heats noticeably, especially if there is a temperature drop (frost)

Inside the lining is made a la reflective layer. Not very effective, but effectively))))

Label in Chinese. It is advisable to wash with your hands.

100% polyester. No animals were hurt.

The quality of the material.
Thin polyester. Very thin. Very synthetic.

The vest is very thin

Cherished pocket (on the left side inside)

The instruction is printed directly on the fabric.
You need to connect an external battery, connect the USB connector,
By the way, a cable for 4 wires (this means either three heating groups, but most likely 2 groups).

To turn on, you need to hold the button for 3 seconds. After switching on, you can switch modes with a simple click.

I installed a paverbank - there is no consumption, the paverbank turns off after some time.

I turn on the instructions (red mode, up to 45 degrees)

The current is about 1.2A, it is constantly heating.

You can try to switch modes.
Medium mode (35 degrees)

The maximum current is the same. But he paid attention to horse racing.
Vest is included with pulses, the duration between pulses is decent (this is not PWM).
The tester manages to detect 1.2A ... 0.8A ... 0A, and so on in a circle ...

I switch to the third mode of operation.

The duration of the pulses and the pause between the pulses have become longer.
The tester records intermediate consumption readings.

Consumption schedule.

What can I say)))
I recommend to hook it under something. Although the Chinese say that it is independent clothing, but not under our weather.

The vest is warm, but the heat keeps bad. I put on a jacket from above - it becomes more comfortable ...
At maximum mode, not very comfortable("Fries"), but tolerable. The average mode is more comfortable in the sense that it allows you to keep warm in freezing weather. Especially hot ("to sweat") will not, but the frost will not penetrate. That is, if you wait for a bus or train in the cold for hours. If you play sports, then there is more interesting, the vest retains heat, and you warm yourself with active movement.

Now impressions.
The vest is thin. On the one hand, this is a consequence of cheapness. On the other - plus, if you use it as a "cheat."
The button switches with a perceptible click, you can press through the clothes, selecting the mode.
For external batteries - not any power bankwill work with this vest, here it is necessary with forced on / off (not automatic) and with a current of ~ 2A and more. In three or four hours it can suck up 10’000 mAh, it’s better to use the “twenty”. The photo was a Besiter BST-K6X at 20000mAh, for an hour it “eats” about 10% in the 45 degree mode. As for washing, they recommend washing with hands without aggressive additives (so as not to oxidize) and dry well before use. Well, in terms of durability, we'll see.
Inside the cable is used (written - carbon fiberfiber), like which is used in underfloor heating. The voltage is ~ 5V, the power as a result is not very large, the wire heats in the range of 40-50 ° C, and the lower temperature is achieved by current pulses (Duty). The presence of the thermostat did not notice the maximum mode sharashit without stopping. The duration of the pulses remaining during the measurement did not change.
For an example - a piece of carbon heatingwires (With cable, Carbon Warm Floor Cable). For underfloor heating it is used with 33 Ohm / m or 0.05mA / m characteristics, and the exact resistance / metric in the waistcoat is not very clear.

I would install a normal pack 18650 with a cardprotection / charging and voltage regulation, IMHO, you need to more smoothly adjust the temperature and current, and also have a voltage margin - 5V is not enough))). Moreover, the pockets allow it to be placed compactly.
Warms the back and lower back, especially pleasant in the cold.
It remains to purchase insoles heated)))))
P. S. Subject in the mobile version is cheaper.