Magnifying glasses - as in the TV shop, only cheaper. Starpeer's dream-2

Immediately I will write that it is better to buy glasses not in Chinaand TV, and in optics, and it is desirable that there was written Carl Zeiss. Otherwise, you can spoil the vision. Therefore, personally, I position these glasses more like a magnifying glass, which keeps itself on the nose, and is used for occasional short work with something small.

About better quality, but also much more expensiveI already wrote a binocular loupe. I use it regularly and very pleased. But sometimes you need to see something - but vision is not enough. and in order to see one tsiferku - somehow unreasonable to get from the closet box with glasses from the last review, it is just a long time, and a large increase is not always necessary. And in this case, these magnifying glasses help. They are lighter than the past (which is logical) and provide a very small increase, but often this is what I miss.
With my vision somewhere minus 1.5 they allow you to slightly bring the image and make it much more comfortable for viewing small parts, the working distance somewhere around 20cm. I did not try to work especially long, but I would say that it is less comfortable than with the previous “correct” glasses.
Well, here's a screenshot of of this the store

I don’t think it’s the Chinese who have stolen a photo
Next fotochki appearance:

As you can see, the glasses are large in size, made with high quality, no bristling, light, sit comfortably, a soft silicone insert is made on the nose:

Now try to check the increase. I sfotkal fee directly and through the glasses, without changing the position of the camera, then cut a piece without increasing and put it next to the shot through the glasses. I counted an increase of about 1.3-1.35

Photos on the body:

Bottom line: ochechi personally really help me. They are convenient when you need to quickly look something shallow, but the view is not enough, and too lazy to reach for a normal optical device. Long work in them is likely to tire the eyes, I did not check, I am not going to, and I do not advise you. Maman gave it a try - she liked it too, although she didn’t try to read or work in them either. Undoubtedly, it is better to buy “reading glasses” in optics, but even as they cost me, they are worth it.
UPD: checked the focal, focusing on the wall light from the lamp. measured 40 cm, + -2 cm on the curves of the hands and eyes. 2.5 diopters.