Video Intercom with Motion Detection

Hello, my dear paranoid and just wanting to know what is happening outside the door.
Today I will tell you about the video intercom.
I have already reviewed the video-eye, but often the apartment is separated from the corridor by a waiting room. And in this case, the monitored device will help us.
So let's go.

Along the way, the box almost did not suffer

Inside there are 2 boxes - in one internal monitor, in the other a motion detector and an external module with a camera, a backlight and a motion detector.

Camera resolution 380 lines, display 7 "960 × 480 Field of view 92 ° horizontally and 66 vertically.
Dimensions of the outdoor unit 125x50x45mm
Dimensions of indoor unit 230x150x32mm

Commutation panel:

Build quality is not bad in principle.backlash does not creak. But a small joint was discovered - the decorative plate of the external unit fell off when the protective film was removed from the screen. The Chinese used a 2-sided scotch of a very lousy quality. This problem is not terrible - a piece of quality 2-sided scotch confidently solved this problem.

For motion detection, the Chinese propose to use a sensor, rather than a soft detector:

The decision is controversial. Most likely it was accepted because of the low power of the processor. The task of detecting motion requires quite serious computing power.
Card holds up to 8 GB.
The camera transmits data over 4 wires, the detector - over 3. I wasn’t too comfortable pulling 2 cables and I just punched a twisted pair piece of the 5th category in the middle for easy pulling.
The indoor unit is mounted on the mounting plate.

Cannot set up recording in silent mode.
Those. when motion is detected, the internal unit turns on and writes a video, broadcasting it.
The video is obtained in the format 720x480 Mjpeg, 13fps. Audio is pressed by the PCM S16 LE (araw) codec with a sampling rate of 8 kHz and a bit depth of 16 bits.
Sample video
For some reason, Tytruba processes the audio track in a strange way, but the vlc handles it without question.
Also, the lack of a wedge for installing the camera at an angle can be attributed to the disadvantages. Running a run through the nearby shops did not give any results.
So if I don’t find it I’ll have to do it myself.
Of the benefits - if no one is home, the intercom can work as an answering machine, after a minute of waiting, having spoken the message recorded on the flash card.
Lovers to read - instruction.