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Good time of day!
Finally, hands reached the story of my experience shopping on AliExpress.
And I will start with a blouse, which has been bought for a long time because of the big discounts and nice stripes on it)
Actually, as always, there are pros and cons, about which below.
In general, for things purchased for 5 bucks, very good.

This blouse caught my eye on the sale for the price of 5.20.
Still not used to Chinese prices and pleasantly surprised, I decided that I should take)
What the parcel arrived in, and how it looked, I don't know, because my husband received it)
Therefore, immediately move on to the pros and cons.
1) the appearance corresponds to the photo
2) good quality fabric, pleasant to the touch
3) sewn neatly, thread does not stick, smooth seams
4) there were no unpleasant odors
Now about the sad:
1) my most global problem with Chinese orders is size. In my height 176 and not very flat forms, almost everything turns out to be small, alas. This jacket was no exception, a little bit small.
2) the inside stitch on the chest is constantly turned outwards, possibly because my size is not exactly
A photo:


On the body (I apologize for the abundance of horizontal stripes in people with particularly sensitive eyes):

Bottom line: for $ 5.20 a thing of very decent quality. If you guess with the size, so generally excellent)