Women’s Jeans Shorts / Women's Denim Shorts

Hello! Came the other day denim shorts wife, so I decided to talk about them. The first time we ordered such a thing, which is difficult to buy without trying on at all, but once on sale, they decided to take a chance and did not miss. Both my wife and I are pleased with the result.

In the light of the end of the weekend and the beginning of the new work week, I will try to make the review interesting and positive. I hope to succeed ...
Let's start traditionally with the parcel:Inside the gray plastic sleeve shorts in another package:As can be seen from the photo, the size was ordered the largest of the available from the seller: XXL. Here are the sizes:Height - 30 cm, width - 40 cm. When calculating the size, please note that these shorts have a low waist.
There are no complaints about the quality of manufacturing, almost everywhere everything is smooth, the gate is a little crooked, but this is fixable:In principle, this can be the end of this review, but I would not understand me without a “photo on the body”. Therefore, I cite the following photos solely for assessing the quality of tailoring and style:
Well, thank you for your attention, have a nice weekend and good luck for the upcoming work week !!!
P.S. Initially, there were more photos, but taking into account the wishes of readers, I left one ...