18 Color Rolls Striping Stripes Metallic Yarn Line Nail Art Decoration Sticker Free Shipping 2749

I like to decorate my little feet. So I decided to write a review about the metallic strips and stickers of the Nail Art Decoration Sticker.
I first ordered goods on AliExpress. Received an order in the mail after 30 days. Classical packaging: paper bag with a layer of pimply polyethylene.

Some "technical" characteristics:
1. The thickness of the strips 0.1-0.1 cm
2. In order of 18 colors. In a roll wound more than 1 cm and should be long enough.
3. Strips self-adhesive. Cut the required length and attach to the nail.
4.Suitable for application under varnish, gel, acrylic.
five.Colors include: silver, gold, laser, gold, green, blue, red, violet, pink, white, laser violet, laser blue, laser green, bright red, laser pink, black, coffee, greasy copper.
Instructions for use:
1. Clean the surface of the nail and apply the main color.
2. After drying the varnish, stick the strips.
3. To fix the result, coat it with clear varnish (gel / acrylic).

The whole process took me 40 minutes. For comparison, a white matt varnish was applied on one hand, and a pearl on the other. I did this for the first time and I made up drawings on the go. If the strip was long, then lifted the edge and cut off all unnecessary. Here's what I got.

I would like to note that I lead an active lifestyle- housewife. Every day I clean, cook, mine and iron, and most often without gloves. So the stickers did not last long for me. By the end of the second day, the edges began to wrap and move away. The pattern at the base of the nail remained unchanged, and the tips were peeled off. After 4 days, I didn’t want to look at this disgrace. The next time my stickers lasted 3 days.
Deleting these arts was not so easy. The usual nail polish remover failed. I had to hook the edges of the remaining strips and remove them, and only then wash the varnish under the stickers.
To summarize, I can say that metallizedstrips of stickers on the nails looks unusual and attract the attention of others. Tests using the gel and acrylic coatings were not carried out. But under the lacquer stickers stick no more than 2-3 days.

Thank you for attention.