4K wide angle lens for action and cctv cameras

Good afternoon (optional evening / night).
And let's take a look at the new lens from the manufacturer Fulekan. Examples and disassembly inside.
It so happened that the manufacturer went toI was offered a review of this lens, in general I tried to run away from wide-angle eyes, but it became interesting to try 4K and I hope you will be equally interested in reading.

In fact, the first review of claim 18. But I will be objective and cruel.
As usual warning:

All responsibility, namely independent penetration into the body of the finished product with the subsequent violation of its integrity of efficiency, lies with the person who committed this action.
Appearance and Measurements
Characteristics of the lens from the seller:
Model: M12-3.2-12MP-FL
Mount: M12
Aperture: F2.0
The shape of the image is 1/1. 7 "
Focal length 3.2 mm
BFL: 6.14 mm
FMS: 6,08 mm
IRIS: fixed
M.O.D .: 0.3 m
Weight: 25 g
Dimensions: Φ28 × 35. 2 mm
Optical distortion: -64.00% (max.)
Field Angle DxHxV (°): 160 ° X131 ° X99 ° (1/1. 7 ") / 136 ° X113. 5 ° X83 ° (1/2. 3")
Operating temperature: -30 ° C ~ + 80 ° C
The lens is made of metal and has lenses of glass, which is important in the transfer of the image.
Designed for M12 threads, has a built-in IR filter and this is also important.

In general, when I took it in my hands I felt a pleasant weight, I was even surprised when I took it out of the package.
By the way, I have no complaints about the packaging, it is very well packed, and you can even give them as a gift:

Everything drove intact, the lens is also equipped with a retaining ring.
For the sake of interest, I decided to take a picture next to my native Eken lens, and at the same time I measured a new one:




In general, the size of one more peephole!
Try on the camera and shoot
This is how the lens looks without a decorative lining:

But thanks to the size, the pad can be installed:

Much nicer with decorative trim.
Let's take a look at the honesty angle table:


So here, none of the lenses passes this test, neither the factory nor the third-party, but this is a well-known song for a long time, the corners are often “exaggerated”, as is the multiplicity.
And now some photos:
And a video series in which both lenses are evaluated in turn:
Two photos as an example:


Video comparison of two lenses:

If you have read to here, then you are lucky. We will disassemble this lens! Uhh already scratched his hands, look, what is there. Go.
In general, this family of lenses is considered not serviced and not collapsible.
Even it is actually visible that the ring fastening the big, convex lens is glued on all perimeter. So we will gently heat up and gently pluck.
In general, neither warm the ring did not work, nor pry. Had to cut:

And there we have a fine thread ...

After you can disassemble it, the most important thing to follow is that where it fell and how it stood initially.

And the lens body itself:

Inside all the lenses are glass, the spacers between the lenses are metal.
Then we collect everything back on the glue already and use it further.
No distortion, reliable and very high quality design.
Perhaps one - is extremely bulging.
Regarding the change in the quality of the picture, I did not notice these changes much. The only plus is that the distortions are gone - the “fisheye,” or rather, they have become slightly less noticeable than with the stock lens.
As usual, everyone will make a conclusion for himself.
Thanks so much for your time.