Variable magnification binoculars

This lot was bought as a gift for the student, and the selection criterion was a small price and the ability to adjust the increase.
Immediately I say binoculars liked.
The manufacturer promises the following characteristics:
Variable Increase: 10-30 times
Lens: 50mm
Focus adjustment.

Package contents: The binoculars themselves, packaging, case, lace on the neck, protective covers.

Composite body, part made of plastic, metal part,
Rubber softtach coating - convenient to hold, everything fits perfectly without backlash, burrs and other flaws.

Adjusting the zoom and focus is soft, without jerks.

It magnifies perfectly, but at the maximum magnification the picture becomes not clear (approximately up to 70% of the maximum one is well focused), the picture is fairly light.

Conclusions: You can safely buy, will fulfill their duties, but they do not reach the level of famous manufacturers, although the price does not imply this.