Bluedio string: 3.5mm to USB Type-C headphone Bluedio Turbine T6S, T5, V2 (Victory), TM, TMS

I hasten to present in the form of a short review to the local public the wire for headphones from the company Bluedio.
The culprit of our celebration will be the wire, which turns some Bluedio headphones from blue-tooth to conventional wired ones with a 3.5mm jack connection.
Preface I bought the other day the Bluedio T6S headphones. The headphones themselves seem to support bluetooth, but for various reasons I needed to connect them via a regular wired interface.

For some of its models, Bluedio offers a 3.5mm - USB Type-C (hereinafter simply USB-C) wire that performs this cherished function.
For this reason, this engineering creation from Bluedio was purchased. It will be the main culprit of our review.
Parcel Parcel arrived so securely packed that I did not even immediately understand what it was that came to me.
The package had a fairly tough, large “pupyrka” (I did not save the photo, unfortunately), there was a cardboard box inside the box, and there already was the contents. Koscheev death from envy died.
I think my Bluedio headphones were packed a little worse compared to this.
I was pleasantly surprised. The beginning is good. We go further.
RaskorobchivanieThe company box turned out to be very funny. Two transparent stickers are glued on top and bottom of it, which usually show that nobody opened the box.

Funny moment - the box itself opens to the side, where there are no protective stickers. Perhaps it should just be sealed there, but I did not have glue there.

However, I bought a wire, not a box. Therefore, it is not critical, of course.
On the back of the box there is a sticker with a code to verify originality. The verification goes to the box itself, probably, since the originality of the wire does not prove this much. For this reason, I did not even check.
The contents of the mystery box:

  • 3.5mm - USB-C wire (the one for which I survived many sleepless nights while waiting for a package)
  • Y-splitter (judging by the connectors, this is a wire for connecting a microphone and headphones to different jacks)
  • Great book in different languages. In the common people referred to as "instruction"

The main wire is about 153 cm in length, and its Y-brother turned out to be about 100 cm.
The manufacturer promises compatibility with the following Bluedio headphone models:

  • Bluedio Turbine T6S, T5
  • Bluedio V2 (Victory)
  • Bluedio TM, TMS

As far as I know, the wire is intendedOnly for these headphones and nowhere else to work as intended. I did not check this statement, but I'm not sure that there is some kind of "smart" electronics in the wire. Leave it on the conscience of the manufacturer.
Details On the 3.5mm main wire connector, four pins. Usually the fourth contact is needed to connect the microphone. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to check it.
Some confirmation of this is the secondwire that is made in the form of a Y-splitter with two ordinary 3.5mm jacks with three contacts. One is marked in blue-turquoise (earpiece) and the other is pale pink (microphone).
That is, 3,5mm-USB-C wire can be pluggeddirectly if there is a headphone output and a microphone input in one connector, or through this Y if the headphones and microphone are separated from different jacks of the device.

The wires themselves are made of soft material and pleasant to the touch. Connectors look relatively reliable, but do not create the sensation of a special product. I often meet such on inexpensive wires.

Visually there is some kind of gilding on the analog connectors, but it looks more like a nominal “for beauty”. Only time will tell how much benefit from it.
Instruction in different languages, including Russian and English. Surprisingly well translated into these two languages, the others can not check.

But the instructions for cowards and wimps, so the real heroes immediately go to the connection.
Connection Connecting the wire is simple: the headphones should be turned off, then they can be connected with a wire to a normal audio source, like other wired headphones.
Boom. Immediately works. No need to install anything via the QR code, call anywhere. Simply. Works.
About soundOh! Miracle! This is a riot of iridescent and paints that filled the sound with this wire. I felt in Paris, New York and London at the same time (what other fashionable cities are there?) Of the amount of pleasure my ears filled with.
I seem to be floating somewhere in the clouds and at the same time diving among the stars of the universe ...
But I did not include any music yet! So, turn on. Simply. Works. As intended. No tambourines, shamanism and SMS.
I don't need anything else.
Conclusions In general, I am satisfied with the purchase. Although, it would be much nicer if this wire was already included. If there really is no electronics in it, then the cost price should be low enough to add it to the kit.