Bluetooth 4.1 (4.2) QCY-QY20 headphones

Hello everyone, today we have a mini-review of Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones / earplugs QCY-QY20
Headphones purchased 11.11 for Ali for $ 11.83, arrived 5.12.
Package as always with QCY: carton box without printing, inside another box with headphones in the package, quite a long 50 cm. microusb cable and 2 additional sets of nozzles (including the headphone case) and instructions in English.

Photo box and kit:

Headphone TTX:

Although aptx is stated (there is even a reference tobox), when connecting to Xiaomi Mi max3, the sbc codec was automatically selected, and it is sad that even aac was not delivered (while earlier analog models, for example, QCY-QY19, are connected to my phone using aptx protocol, so it’s not in phone).

The headphones themselves are very high quality: the wire in the fabric braid (from ear to ear is 55 cm., from the right ear to the console is 7 cm., the console itself is 4 cm.); there is a slider for the outer part of the metal plugs with magnets, which allows them to be attached on the chest for carrying. The magnets, however, are very weak, and the shape of the body (hemisphere) is not designed for a strong connection. The central button on the remote is also metal with a chamfer around the perimeter. Did not like the stub on the port microusb, tight and sloppy. At QCY-QY19, she eventually broke away.
Pause / Disconnect on ConnectionMagnets, like many other headphones in this price category, are not implemented, the music continues to play. It is possible to use with two phones at the same time.

Ergonomics: they sit comfortably in the ears, the volume is sufficient by 80%, there is a margin, passive sound insulation dampens external noise quite well (as, incidentally, almost all the “plugs”). When connected, displays the battery charge indicator in the status bar.
They sound ± as well as all such headphonestype, strong bass, top is also available, in general, there is no negative sound quality (after all, not TWS, there with the sound quality everything is becoming more or less just from $ 50 (3000+) rubles). Once again I remind you about my main headphones TWS plugs from Anker / Zolo Liberty / Liberty Air).
The manufacturer promises up to 15 hours (10-15 hours)listening to music (on the product page), which, it seems to me, is a lie, but hours 8 should be pulled out (in the instruction of 10 hours of music or 15 hours of conversations), in the reviews people write that 10 hours are drawn out.
It seems to me - their main advantage - the shape of the headphones, as close as possible to the usual wired plugs.
For 600-700 rubles a good solution, you should not take them more expensive.