Bluetooth 5.0 TWS JS18 headphones (copy of Huawei FreeBuds)

Hello everyone, while the Nokia Steel HR watch is going to talk about one more JS18 TWS headphones, which copy the appearance and partial functionality of the Huawei freebuds.
Generally a form factor (symbiosis of Apple airpods andSamsung iconX, where Apple’s leg, and Samsung’s in-channel performance) I immediately liked Huawei, scared off the high price first, then negative feedback on sound quality: breaks, uneven sound (acceleration / deceleration due to lack of cache memory), lagging behind video and lack of support for AAC codec in the first versions of the firmware. In many ways, I think, Bluetooth 4.2 is to blame. Yes, and the price of Huawei freebuds is not very democratic (by the way, in general, everything that Huawei does not like me, but this is a subjective opinion that has developed as a result of using their tablets, advertising shaft of their devices from everywhere and carelessness to believe advertising) .

And recently, I discovered in the tape of sentences Alisuspiciously familiar outlines of the case. It turned out that the Chinese also first riveted their freebuds clones with Bluetooth 4.2 (sell for ± 1300r), as well as a more technologically advanced version with Bluetooth 5.0 for ~ 2000r, which was purchased for “see how it is there”.
So, contrary to expectations, the package turned out to be softplastic case with a zipper, inside which lay: a case with ears, 2 additional pairs of nozzles, 30cm microusb cable and instructions in Chinese and English. There is no box, film, holograms and identification marks, it’s a real noname, apparently the creators of the clone are afraid of Huawei.
a photo

All the nozzles, as usual, for delivery: I did not like the form and quality of performance, immediately put on my own (softer ones).

Differences from freebuds (those found in reviews):
- in the Bluetooth 5.0 clone (in freebuds 4.2);
- there is support for the AAC codec (in freebuds, they say, there wasn’t added in one of the updates, before that, they allegedly couldn’t “pump” more than 128kbps, I didn’t use it, I don’t know);
- there is no sensor that determines that they are inserted into the head - sadness №1;
- microusb charging port (in freebuds usb-c) - sadness №2;
- there is no pairing initialization button on the box(instead, you need 6-8 seconds to hold the touch panel with the earpiece turned off, it first turns on and then goes into pairing mode with the phone), as for me, it is more convenient, there is no attachment to the case, like the "branded" headphones;
- there is no phone application (if they work out of the box perfectly - there is no need to update the firmware).
When first turned on, it turned out that to zerothe case and the left earpiece are discharged, but the right one was charged at “about 100%”. When charging the case, the white diode blinks, the headphones themselves are green diodes. When charging is completed, the diode of the case turns green and the headphone diodes go out. Charging time about one and a half to two hours, set, went to the gym, when he returned everything was charged.
It seems that while the ears are charging, a diode on the box is lit, when they are “full”, it goes out.
The box itself is made of glossy plastic of average quality (scratched), the lid on a powerful magnet (no matter how it shook, it did not open).
one more photo

The lid itself is not spring-loaded and dangles a bit,no sense of structural strength. Inside the matte plastic, the places for headphones are labeled L and R, but the shape of the headphones is such that it is impossible to confuse. Headphones are also magnetized, but very weakly, only for aligning the contacts, there are also recesses for headphones in the lid, so that they do not hang out in a closed box. The capacity of the battery is declared at 500mAh (I think it will be enough to charge 3 times if they promise 5)
Headphones are glossy, assembled perfectly without burrs and mismatches in the dimensions of the parts, mesh fabric (it is a pity that it is not metal, like soundcore liberty air). Battery capacity 55 mAh.

Promised noise and protection IPX4. But I would not count on it: noise only for microphones at best, but protection from splashes and sweat is everywhere.
you can't praise yourself ... (advertising banner from Ali)

It is a pity that in an attempt to copy freebuds, the Chinese put the headphones into the box horizontally, it's not convenient to get them, I would prefer vertical placement like that of apple airpods / soundcore liberty air.
It is very good that there is no “Chinese” - golden rims, names of incomprehensible “brands”.
Ears are included when removing themselves from the case andautomatically begin to look for the source of the signal, in the subsequent times they connect to the last device, speak in pleasant English without an accent in a female voice, the battery indicator appears in the phone's tray.
By the way, does anyone know why the ears are asking for access to the history of telephone calls (if you don’t give, nothing changes)?
By themselves, the ears are paired initially, by default the left earpiece is the lead, connect to the phone quickly, the AAC codec (Xiaomi Mi Max 3).
screen from phone

All modes of touch panels and other thingsdescribed in the instructions, I don’t see any reason to stop, everything is just like everyone else: one tap - pause / launch of music, double tap on the left / right earpiece - track forward / backward. I would prefer buttons, with touch panels there are false presses when touched, for example, to fix in the ear.

The work time is stated 6 hours when listening to music, I do not believe, for such ears the standard is ~ 4 hours. 70 minutes of listening to music at full volume lost one charge division in the phone's tray.
I drove them twice to work and back(bus, subway, walking in the center of Moscow time); sound).
Could not understand, whether it is possible to make the leading rightearpiece (by default, the left presenter, I am right-handed and I am uncomfortable wearing the phone in my left pocket). Separately, they work as independent devices, but when the right one is connected, the left one does not see it ... it can not figure it out.
In the ears they sit comfortably, fit snugly to the temple, do not stick out, the shape is copied perfectly (judging by the freebuds photo).
in the body

It sounds great, at the level of analogs starting from QCYT1 and ending with Zolo Liberty Air. The bass is in place, and such a nice, “fat” one, the middle and top of the frequency range do not turn into a mess, I think this is the merit of the AAC codec. From personal experience, the difference with the SBC codec is felt even on MP3 320kbit (the same Samsung iconX 2018 sounds a lot worse, there all the top is a solid hiss and a whistle).
It is quite comfortable to talk, the interlocutor hearsgood (microphones are on the ends of the legs), but there are supposedly 2 of them on each earpiece (there is a hole closer to the beginning of the legs). When talking, the sound comes from both headphones.
Eventually: for ~ 2000 is a good choice for those who don’t like both Samsung iconX vacuum plugs and apple aipdods variations that don’t have any sound insulation, here’s 2 in 1: and the sound insulation doesn’t press on cartilage.