Cover book for the tablet Acer Iconia Tab A500 / A501

Recently, my old case for the A501 scandalized. Sprawled, and in one place a little torn. Needed a replacement. I took the protective film for him on TaoBao, the cover decided to order on Ali.
November 3, paid, the next day the sellerAlready sent. The package arrived at my post office (Moscow) on November 28th. Well, the Post of Russia, as always, “not in the curriculum” - judging by their office. The site sent out the PCI-1 on November 23rd and is still on its way. Notice found only yesterday. Therefore, I recommend checking mailboxes more often, since recently there is little confidence in tracking, alas.

Normal packaging - yellow bubble baga film inside and a square of foam rubber between the casement doors. The case is made in the form of a book, has a plastic base where the tablet is inserted, and a protective cover fixed on this base. All this economy from the outside is trimmed with black kozhzam. Inside, the cover has a velvet coating similar to velor, with two grooves - they serve to fix the tablet at the right angle. Outside secured elastic tape to secure the cover in the closed form. Interestingly, the lid can rotate around its axis by 360 degrees, and thus, when installing the tablet on the surface, you can independently choose its orientation. That is, in principle, to turn it as you please.
All openings of the case are clearly aligned with the connectors.on the tablet. Stitched qualitatively, nowhere sticks out and does not bristle. The tablet got into the case quite tight, removed with a noticeable effort. In the hand is comfortable, does not slip. In general, I can recommend the purchase safely. Below the photo, everything is clickable.

Installation methods:

Shl. Very hard now began to pass parcels from the Middle Kingdom. Good luck and patience and all waiting.