Case with a Russian keyboard on a 7 ″ tablet

  • Price: $ 11.99 (often gets from this seller on weekend sales up to 50% at any price I took)
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The cover came. All well made seams neat, fasteners on magnets, stand-support, too. Inside, it looks like the cardboard is covered with a similarity to kozhzam but soft, pleasant to the touch. Hold tight, the camera does not overlap. The thickness is 3.5 cm (the thick tablet in the case came out). The driver did not install the driver yet, so I did not check it. Of the minuses - It is high time to make a mini yusb and Russian letters painted with a pale gray-silver paint, well, in principle, readable! For this price (50% discount) is quite an acceptable thing.

And since the need to purchase it with Claudia probably should not be considered. All the same, it makes no sense to fence a laptop out of the tablet ... although it’s probably a worthwhile thing for social networking.
PS The driver is installed, the Russian layout works, everything is fine!