Case, stylus, film, OTG cable and another film for Huawei Mediapad

Good day!
I have to say that I ordered:
1. Kit for HuaweiMediapad (cover-cover + film on the screen + stylus);
2. OTG cable;
3. Another film on the screen to finish the order and apply the coupon))
In short, I am satisfied
Now more.
I will not say much about packaging ... everything is standard there: a paper bag of the color of a young Chinese, inside there is a film with Chinese bubbles filled with Chinese air.

The case itself is nothing extraordinary, but all the holes fit well, except for the hole under the front camera.
There is a small minor mismatchliterally 1 mm. And not that the cover closes the camera itself, just the edge of the hole is right next to the edge of the camera. With a slight movement you can move the tablet relative to the cover and this little thing will be eliminated. In other words, I would not attribute this to shortcomings.

Exactly the same situation is observed with the charging socket.

The tablet sits in a case very securely. After placing it in the case, the tablet is fixed like this tongue

On the inside of the “cover” there is a rubber-rubber strap, by putting a palm in your hand, you can hold the tablet quite comfortably and securely:

Also on the back cover there is such an emphasis:

Which allows you to use the cover as a stand:

Now about the stylus.

Although it comes as if complete with a case, butfit it to the cover for permanent residence there is no place. Those. you will have to either carry it separately in a shirt pocket (the blessing is made with a clip as a fountain pen), or in a bag, or not carry it with you at all.
Tablet on pressing such a stylus respondsnormal, but still with active poking worse than a finger. This is especially noticeable when you try to hold the stylus on the screen. Those. the reaction is adequate for individual short presses, but already so-so for “dragging”
The end of the stylus is made of something soft.

The stylistic result: it is suitable only for those who like to drink beer with fish and at the same time poke into the tablet in order not to poke fish fingers at the screen. In everyday life, for me personally, it is absolutely unnecessary.
Now about the film.
Everything is good. Holes coincide. For two months, covered with small scratches.
OTG cable.
The seller sent me the wrong cable. Instead of a micro usb, I got a mini usb. After writing to him (the seller) a letter, I received an answer that they were aware of the error and immediately sent the “correct” cable, which I had been waiting for for another month and a half.
As a result, I now have two OTG cables: micro usb and mini usb.

Now I connected the USB flash drive - it works, the USB mouse works.
Summary: satisfied with the purchase.
There will be questions - there will be answers))