Demi jacket down jacket Hoyanp

This year, in addition to a thin jacket on a padding polyester,bought in the city, I still wanted a short down jacket. And not to say that the winter down jacket is more like a jacket in order to feel comfortable at the near-zero temperature and with the expectation of driving in a car.

Those. light, thin, but at the same time comfortable and warm enough to, if anything happens, reach the house from the subway or car.
In my opinion, the purchase paid off for one hundred percent.
Immediately about the price: I actually bought a jacket for the specified price, but now the seller raised it to 57.15 with a certain 5% discount.
Strictly speaking, from the experience of VANCL, and more precisely - from reviews of down jackets, I knew that the Chinese down jackets are quite thin. It was a starting point, and a feature to which I was ready.
Added to this the main selection criteria. First, I wanted a “glossy” down jacket, as I was very attached to the spoiled last year’s cats - it was just glossy.
Secondly, the lightning should have been with large links. It is objectively easier to fasten, and (subjectively) seems more reliable.
Thirdly, the hood should be, if possible, without any strings and zavyazochek, but have to be sure - I do not like hats.
Fourth, pockets. There should be a lot of them and they should be conveniently located.
Fifth, protection from the wind. Those. collar - high, covering the neck, sleeves and bottom with some protection from the penetration of cold air.
Now that I received. He ordered two different down jackets from the seller, and after a little thought, he sent them in two different parcels. Probably took care of our customs or something like that. A trifle, but nice.
Package-parcel is a gray plastic bag, tightly wrapped with a yellow adhesive tape. Inside - a transparent branded plastic bag with a jacket.

Despite the fact that the jacket is quite tightly wound during transport, it turned out to be almost unwrinkled. Either the material is good, or it’s turned right - I don’t know.
The weight of the package is 741 g, that is, the jacket itself weighs about 650-700 g.
My parameters are: height / weight - 175/69, chest girth - 95, arm length (from shoulder to wrist) - 57, arm length from base of neck to wrist - 70.
Size selected according to the table of growth andweight to the size of the jacket. It turned out L / XL, from which I thought, I chose L (170 / 92A for the label on the jacket). As for local sizes, in a “city” I usually fit a size not larger than S.

If I understand correctly, here is 112 g of fluff:

The length of the jacket (from the clavicle) is about 66 cm:

Sleeve length from shoulder - 60:

Sleeve length from the clavicle - 70:

As a result, the size is almost perfect, but the fact thatrefers to "non-practical" - a little closely in the chest, if diluted to the sides or raise up your hands. At first I was worried, but after a couple of weeks of daily wear, I realized that the inconvenience was not felt at all.
Preved horizontal:


In addition to guessing the size, only positive emotions are caused by how the jacket is sewn. The material, as expected, synthetic. Inside, there is a fluff with a feather in the 80/20 proportions.

All as in adults - complete demo filler:

The stitches and stitches are even, the threads never stick out, not the slightest smell.
Top glossy fabric, lining - somethingsimilar to fine textiles. The jacket has two rather capacious outer pockets with a large zipper: the size of the pockets is such that it is warm to warm your hands there.

The hood represents the whole with the jacket, notremoved. If you wear it, then the size seems a little more than you need, and the wind has a chance to remove this hood. But on the other hand, the size of the hood is such that it can be worn with a fully zipped. Here is a compromise.
Hood and flap covering the top zipper:

Inside the jacket on the left has a pocket size of severalmore passport, but not much. The downside is that the pocket is quite thin. And although I carry a phone (4.3 inches) in it, it seems to me that this is not very correct. In general, for documents and some money - it will do.

The edges of the sleeves, "skirts" and the hood trimmedtextile tape. The cuffs fit snugly around the wrists, so wind protection is guaranteed. The same applies to the "skirt": tight at the bottom, so warm.

The lightning is large, very easily fastened. On the reverse side - lining to protect against the wind, so it is not blown. From above, under the chin, the zipper is closed with a flap, which, firstly, looks great, and secondly, it is more pleasant than resting against the open zipper.

Still not quite a simple zipper, because the tongue is made in the style of the brand.

As for the ability of the jacket to keep warm,at near zero temperature, I feel quite comfortable in it. And it's not hot or cold, despite the fact that under a jacket there is usually only a simple cotton jumper.
Of course, if you stupidly stand in the cold wind, then after 20 minutes it becomes not very interesting. But if you move - order. So I seriously plan to walk in this jacket to -5C, and then we'll see.
In general, I could scrape together a number of minuses, but in fact it turned out that for me this jacket is a solid plus. My size, great design, warm enough, very light.
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