Bona Demi Tracking Sneakers

Between summer and winter, there are three weeks in Moscowmud, rain and temperature 0 ... + 15. This time is called “spring” or “autumn”, especially for him invented demi-season boots and shoes. From the “decaying West”, the fashion for demi-season sneakers came to us. Consider my purchase?

In Moscow, there are several stores sellingBona, so it's not really noname. The official store on Aliexpress constantly gives a coupon of $ 4 / 4.1, but it is better to buy in the season of sales sales. The first attempt I made at the end of winter. Ali literally threw coupons, sneakers cost 1300, instead of 1900.

Cool, right? If you see them on someone, then in front of you is a customs thief or mail thief. The mail track says “issued by the customs of Russia” and that's it. I wrote a statement, but the post office of Russia did not investigate the theft, although there is a full track number. Ali returned the money.
The second attempt I made in the pre-autumn sale. Chose another model for the same price, knocked off coupons from 2000 rubles. before 1500. The seller did not send the order a week (last time also). ePacket went to Moscow 25 days. Received crosses, the next day began the autumn rains. Managed to demi-season
Plain bubble wrap for noname shoes.

The official Bona store on Ali does not indicate a shoe model anywhere. On the package:

All signs of demi-season - high outsole,waterproof top without perforation and fabric inserts, additional protection of the nose. The assembly is good, a few specks of glue. Each shoe weighs 500 grams.
Wild Chinese - a piece of paper is attached to the shoe, only the name of the company is on it, without an article number and size.

The color of the inscriptions on the shoe is dark silver.

The material is dense, not wrinkled. Bona writes about natural leather and ventilation. Lying Leatherette and after 10 minutes in the room legs begin to sweat. With +15 on the street - the norm.

Sneakers are high, so the size of the insolematches the shoe size. I have a paw of 28.5 cm, but when I take a measure, I need to lean on the foot with my whole body, as a result I intended to 29.0 cm. When ordering, I chose 46 solution (10.5) / 29.3 cm. When I wear, I feel that inside freely less than 0.5 cm

Designed for a paw of medium width.

Many models of Bona come with orthopedic insoles, they sent me with ordinary, yellow plastic with a fabric coating.
Shoe size is indicated only in the insole and tongue.

Chinese again - the label on the tongue is printed on polyethylene and scraped off with a finger. What made it difficult to make a fabric label, like all normal brands?

Everything is cultural under the footbed.


When walking a little spring sole. The destination of the sneakers is indicated by hiking / trekking. To slap on city pools in the fall-spring will fit.