Baby uggs

Ordered for the winter and try on shoes for my daughter (1.5 years old). The main aspect of the choice was to dress quickly and make it warm (and beautiful). =)
I must say, the sole is thin and too soft, we did not like it.
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Fully artificial, but warm. Inside there is a thick insole with fur on polyurethane (I don’t know the exact name). Outside suede, so that only suitable for a dry winter.

Our Taganrog is only a stroller, for slush and dirt are all around.

Also with the size of a bobble, whether I chose the wrong one, or whether the Chinese did not send the wrong one. With a woolen toe go. =)
Sewed sufficiently high quality, in some places sticking strings, but not critical.
Well, in conclusion, for their money, excellent shoes, only if you ride in a carriage and do not run, because the sole is too soft (it can be pressed through with small stones).
The baby is not cold yet. Take it or not, it's up to you, dear friends.
I'm just learning to write reviews, so don't scold too much. =)