And so, I ordered shoes for the girl.
It was all about 25 days, the parcel arrived in a mint box, all as usual in general. He took out his shoes, turned everything in his hands in a good, beautiful way.
But then suddenly I noticed that there is no strap on one of theshoes, at first thought that somewhere fell, everything looked even under the sofa looked)) but the strap was not found. Description of this problem and later arising at the end of the review.

Well, okay, we decided not to get upset, the strapsacquisitive business and do yourself in general is not a problem. Gathered to visit and the girl decided to wear new shoes, the benefit is that it is unusual to walk in heels and took with her spare shoes. They walked out of the house about 100 meters and then her heel fell off)) but as I said, there was spare shoes, and that saved her.
In general, they look yes and are made at first glance rather well, but the heel fell off.
A photo

So about the promised problems (counting on your useful tips)
The 1st problem is the strap, after its detectionI asked the seller to refund $ 12, for which he asked to confirm the order and leave a good review, and they in turn will send me new shoes. We did not agree to such conditions and, as I said, went to visit.
The 2nd problem did not keep me waiting, coming home asked the seller to make a full refund and threatened with a bad review and opening a dispute, to which he replied the same as in the first case.
This question did not suit me and IHe opened a dispute, after which the cunning Chinese began to put pressure on pity saying that they would lower their salary because of the opening of the dispute. He asks to close it, confirm the order and leave a good review, after which he will allegedly return. I somehow do not believe that you advise?
+ good view
+ original design
- incomplete
- falling apart))
Conclusion - do not take.