Hot sale! 2w led down light, AC85-265V, CE & ROHS, 2 year warranty, 2w led high power down lights, free shipping

Cheap LED lamp.
Seeing the price of $ 3 instead of striking out $ 5, I immediately pressed the buy button)
And now the price is again $ 3. And I began to notice a similar practice with overpricing and frequent sales from many sellers.
Now, about the lamp itself.

The frame is made of thin aluminum, glass (it is glass and not plastic) is frosted in the center.

Now see what's inside

As promised, 24 consecutive LEDs on a textolite board
and control circuit of a diode bridge, two series resistors and two capacitors.
Such a scheme will certainly work, but the "driver" efficiency will be less than 50%.
The second ambush lies in the electrolyte, the time to which it dries is much less than the lifetime of the LEDs and after 1-2 thousand hours the lamp will begin to flicker with a frequency of 50 Hz until it is completely covered)
Heat sink.
Strangely enough, there are slots in the plastic case of the “driver” on the side and on the top, and it will not be a problem to remove a couple of watts of heat.
With diodes it is worse, it seems that halogens were put in this building earlier (not demanding of temperature conditions), but I think that at 2W the temperature will be acceptable.
When I bought myself lamps, I wanted to makeduty (constantly on) light. But now I don’t know what to do, even if I change the electrolyte to a film capacitor, the efficiency upsets me.
If you use such lamps to illuminate cabinets, including them for a long time, then these lamps are quite entitled to life for a given price.
And by tradition
Scale comparison

A small "upgrade" of the lamp.
A little thought, I decided to use the case from the Chinese lamp and insert into it a normal LED.
I had 4 wadded Acrich from Seoul semiconductor for 180 fair lumens and 220V soldered to an aluminum board
On the radiator went 15i centimeter piece of aluminum and two dozen small self-tapping screws.

Now you can make emergency lighting.
And the diodes from the two lamps will go to the desk lamp.