HOWRU school bag with cap ornament / backpack with cap

Hello! Following the previous backpack (here is the link to the review), the daughter chose this one for going to school. The backpack was received back in August, and now I am writing a review after 2 months of use.
At once I will say that the backpack is of sufficient quality, the material is dense polyurethane to leatherette, and, above all, it looks cool.

Who are interested in detailed photos, please visit ...
Well, let's start as usual with a photo of the package and contents:Backpack just pulled out:Below, I suggest taking a look at the same backpack, but after a 2-month daily, with the exception of weekends, use:I will describe the backpack a little, the cap clings to the carbine andwhen unhooking it folds up, the neck of the backpack has a drawstring and a magnet. On the outside, the one that is not at the back, but turned towards others, there are 2 corner pockets at the bottom which are closed with “zippers”. On the opposite side, which the back has another pocket with a zipper. Inside the backpack from the back is another pocket with a zipper and on the other side 2 pockets without locks. I will illustrate what was said with photographs.
Lace:Neck with cord and magnet:One inside pocket:Second inner pocket:Back pocket:A couple of detailed photos:
Well, in conclusion how it looks on the body of a baby cub:Summarizing, I will say that the backpack is of high quality, 2 monthsI use it perfectly. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it for how much you can buy in a regular store. The price, of course, is not the lowest for such backpacks, but the appearance is very good. The daughter is happy, and this is the most important thing.
Good luck !!!