Bosch VeroCup 100 TIS30129RW coffee machine. Reflections on the choice of affordable, but delicious coffee.

(took for 19.900 rubles ($ 294))
Hello to all! Somehow I wanted to buy a coffee maker. Some experience has already been, and the passion for coffee acquired long ago.
On my way I tried a Turk, drip,rozhkovy, and also semi-automatic and automatic coffee machines. There were brands Vitek, Philips, Delonghi and Bosch in use. Personally, I owned Delonge and Vitka. And also there is a daily use of the machine from BOSCH and Philips at work. So from the requirements for a coffee maker were: decent taste of coffee, adequate cappuccinator, Sane cost. The coffee maker was seen as a gift to me on the other. And it was on December 7th. And in the DR, I went to the local shops to choose. The choice was stopped on the model from PHILIPS with a cappuccinator in DNS for 24000r. And he made a short pause before buying, Latching in a cafe, decided to read the reviews. And absolutely by chance I saw a spoiler on Ali that on December 10, the VeroCup 100 model from Bosch would be sold for 20000r. I deliberately indicate the price in rubles, since the Tmall platform is focused on the Russian Federation. In other countries, prices are completely different. This coffee maker has long been lying in desires, and then some 3 days. Of course, I chose to wait for him, rather than buy a Philips, knowing that his cappuccinator would most likely have to be repaired. (sad experience at work). I waited, I bought, now I will share my impressions. And also I will tell about the poor choice of normal coffee in our provincial offline.

Coffee we love. Without him, morning in our family is not morning. Therefore, I came to the issue of purchasing coffee makers a long time ago. Still a student.
Immediately was bought drip coffee maker from VITEK. Needless to say, that what came out of it can hardly be called pleasant coffee. The photo of the coffee maker did not do. It is still somewhere in the basement at work lying around, there everything is trite glass bowl with a handle on the heater, but we pour the ground coffee from above into the reusable photo tray, and pour water into the glass. This coffee maker was used a couple of times and carried to work, by the way there, too, was used no more than once, so we don’t understand American coffee from the word at all.
Then a coffee maker with the declared 15 bar Delonghi EC 251 pressure was purchased. I could be wrong with the model a long time ago)))
Photo not saved. Here Google helped me to find a similar look.

In this coffee maker, the taste of coffee was a little better, but it always went sour. And it was stressful.
Well, at work there is access to the PHILIPS HD8827 coffee machines, photos where it is not installed can be made, such rules, but again Google helps us.

Coffee is quite a decent, taste like, butconditional cappuccinator, in which a pair of steam must be aimed at the cup, and even under the tube you need to substitute a vessel with milk. not very comfortable. Yes, and the trouble touched us, and, judging by the reviews, the total trouble, the cappuccinator stopped working after a month of work. In the internet, it’s easy to google a video where one good uncle sticks a falling plastic cone inside a cappuccinator. We did the same while working. But how much is enough is unknown. And the fact of having glue in contact with water is not particularly pleasing.
There is also a DeLonghi ESAM2200 at work. I can not provide a photo for security reasons either, but here it is

She has no complaints, she makes good coffeethe same strange cappuccinator, which needs to be aimed at the cup, and now it is available on Ali at around 20k. It works with a bang, but if you find fault with the coffee on the way out, then you like the coffee machine from Bosch the most.

Here coffee really resembles coffee from a coffee house.
So, when I saw the announcement for the sale of VeroCup 100, I did not think)
December 10, bought it, and even shared it on the musk, so that everyone could buy it.
A coffee machine arrived in 10 days, straight to the door. The packaging is perfect.
Packing and packaging
Comes coffee machine in a box covered with a plastic bag.
Inside, everything is fine and not wrinkled.

Box photo

The coffee maker is saved from the rigors of delivery, secured with powerful foam

Well, in the kit is a full instruction in Russian.

The car can not be called compact, it takes a decent place.
Left view

In front

On right


There is nothing particularly distinguished, except for how exactly the coffee exit area
Brand is written on the top of the nose

Special nozzle for adjusting to the height of the cup to prevent splashing of the drink

And here is the bottom view of the injectors.

I did not tear off the front sticker, does not interfere

It clearly shows how to adjust the spout to any mug.
The spout itself consists of a plastic tunnel for steam and a metal nozzle for beauty.

The nose is put on easily, held by the density of the rubber entrance to the tunnel

All controls are located on the glossy front panel.

The buttons are backlit

They are all sensory, do not require pressing.
Top under the transparent lid capacity for filling coffee in a coffee grinder

And under the lid there is a special lever to adjust the degree of grinding

There is also a 1.4l water container.
It goes easily by the handle, which is immediately under the lid

All transparent

Has a tablet for water purification from excessive hardness

But the seat under the container with water

Top under the panel with buttons there are holes for steam

As well as a bowl for cups, I think so

To access the brewing unit, just open the front door

On the door is a label with model and assembly information.

And immediately overlooking the brewing unit

Push the red lever and pull out the block
Pull over this area

It is simply washed under running water.
This is how it looks like the brewing unit.

The plastic red panel is removed, only there is no point in this. Rinse under running water and ready to insert into the coffee maker. But another frequent condition is flushing the tray for water, milk and coffee.

It gets easy, washed out also trite.

The pallet is equipped with a red float when the full float starts to stick out of the pallet.
And on the pallet there is a bucket under the used coffee.

Pills used coffee by the way get dry, round and strong) There are exceptions when changing coffees and modes.
They just shake out and a new one. If this bowl is full, the coffee maker will inform with a special indicator. If the water is over, too, will report.
Well, let's move on to the process of making coffee.
Our coffee maker makes it possible to prepare 4 types of coffee.
Espresso cafe cream, cappuccino and latte mochiato. (my interpretation of the names)
And also you can make hot milk.
It is also possible to adjust the amount of coffee at the output, the strength of the coffee, the degree of grinding, the time of foaming.
There is a full carte blanche.
Well, let's go, we will make an espresso, the number of coffee machines is the minimum.
Coffee worthy, cool foam. the aroma is gorgeous. Depending on the type of grinding coffee and the degree of roasting, you can adjust the acidity or bitterness of the coffee. Everything is selected individually.

This coffee like to drink with bitter chocolate.
Cream cafes like it even more, there is more water, more time for steaming, and the coffee is not as rich as espresso, and the aroma, taste and vigor are about the same.
There is also a characteristic coffee crema.

From dairy-free coffee, this mode is completely arranged for us
The next mode is cappuccino. We choose the foaming time we need, by the way, I did not change it, it churns out of the box decently.
Delicious aromatic coffee with strong dense froth at the exit

Foam by the way does not allow to drop a teaspoon of sugar for a minute
This is the most frequent mode in the coffee maker in our house.
The next mode is a milk coffee laté mochiato. There is more milk and less coffee, but at the same time the coffee aroma is well preserved.

Suitable for people who love coffee, but for health they can not be large doses. Since there is more milk, coffee is drunk more loyally. But this is very individual, see for yourself.
Well, the last drink is foaming milk for the son.

A drink with a teaspoon of sugar can make a son do unimaginable things, such as tidy in a nursery)))
That's all. All modes are named.
There is also a mode of cleaning the coffee machine from scale with the help of tablets from the scale.
There is a whole carrying algorithm and the process takes 40 minutes.
Included is a test strip to assess the hardness of the water and thanks to it, the machine can be set up under your water.
The taste of coffee at the outlet is similar, as from a coffee machine withwork (older sister). Coffee is always obtained, the taste is absolutely repeatable, there is no such thing so that it is so. Naturally in the conditions of the same coffee.
After brewing coffee you need to wash the spout under running water.
It looks like this

Well, in general, I'm just happy to own this coffee machine.
But we still love ourselves to please razznymi sweets
Cook a cappuccino,

And let's "indulge in" buns ")))

By the time of work, so that the cooking process was clear, I shot you a video. Cook a cappuccino, because there are covered all the steps of the process and grinding and cooking and foaming.

By cons.
- It is clear, the coffee machine is noisy, like all ...
- There were several times when she, for some reason, did not froth milk. I associate this with the amount of milk, but still I can not say.
- It is necessary to wash the spout of cappuccinator
- The grinding adjustment is strange, only when the coffee grinder is running.
- All fingers are visible on glossy surfaces.
By pluses
+ Always delicious coffee
+ all settings (roast strength, grinding, foaming, amount of coffee)
+ Each switching on and off is flushed (someone says that this is a minus, but I do not agree, this is washing, it does not hurt, and it’s not a problem to pour water once more before adding it to the tank.)
+ ease of operation
+ Kapuchinator is cool, there is no need to insert something somewhere, just put the spout in the milk, press the button and leave, and the coffee will be brewed, and the froth will be whipped! full thrill
And now I will talk about the varieties of coffee that I could get in our meager provincial choice.

From budget coffees I tried PauligArabica, Lavazza Qualiti ORO, Egoiste Premium, Bushido Intenso, Lavazza Qualita Rosso. For the sake of interest, he also took black cards, arabica from a coffee house on the shares, an ambassador and a jockey. The last 4 black cards, arabica from the coffee house on shares, the ambassador and the jockey are of no interest at all. IMHO.
And from the above, my impressions were laidin the following way. The most unpretentious for the price and taste, I would call Paulig products. Coffee is good, always of consistent quality, and very often on promotions in retail chains. I take it when I do not find something better.
Bushido has an interesting taste, there is a perceptible smoky flavor, but the price is not encouraging, it costs along with the stock at about 400 p for a pack of 250g. Like, but not perfect. In my opinion bitter.
Then the lauded lavazza.
Lavazza Orro liked it, but it has someThe original flavor, I can’t even correctly name it, is just some flavor that makes it clear that coffee is different from its counterparts. But I will not say that this coffee was as close as possible to coffee from a coffee shop.
I bought a kilogram of lavazzo ross here for a share of 740 r per kilogram. Was pleased with the price. But coffee was generally disappointing, too bitter. In general, I took it to work, there everything that is not bleach is cottage cheese.
Well, most of all I liked the coffee Egoist. Great flavor, always great quality. Just top among the budget.
This is only my personal observation and I am not going to argue with saliva, But I could not express it.
I found an egoist with only one minus. Once caught burnt grain

That's all! glad if I entertained you in the pre-holiday vanity, all bon appetit and delicious coffee!
P18, I put at the request of the administration in each review.