Illuminated shower head

Good day to all!
I'll tell you about this watering can today. The story will be with a real review of use.
Since We use this watering can for more than a month.
To whom I am interested, I beg you.
It seems like a watering can and watering can, what else can you think of ...
Who read my previous review on a 300-hole watering can tell why you need another one, because you bought it not so long ago.

Yes, I want to warn you (looking ahead to say thatit is illuminated) so there are about two identical watering cans on the Internet visually, only one with illumination is the second without, well, the prices also differ.
But this one was ordered after reading numerous reviews. Cool cool, etc.
Well, we just can not teach your son to the soul,give him a bath every day
Therefore, I ordered a kit with an additional mount, but the hose just in case has not yet connected it, although the quality seems to be normal.

Fastening on the wall is shaky plastic, but it will perform its functions. Also in the mount is ratchet allows you to change the angle of the jet.
The hose itself has a length of exactly 1.5m
So, I still use the watering can from this review, well, I like it more
The son of course uses the new watering can.
So what did she do for him?
It contains the impeller and when water passes through the head of the watering can, it starts to rotate this impeller and generate electricity, thereby feeding the LEDs in the watering can.
LED Head

Here are the same holes at an angle for twisting the water in the right direction.

If you get air into your lungs and strongly blow out the holes, then the LED lights up.
There is also a temperature sensor that switches green blue and red depending on temperature.
On the seller’s website there is a color division by temperature, and in different devices (a watering can, a tap on a crane), as I understood my color division, or this is a mistake.

green, water from cold to room
blue - warm to acceptably hot
red - from hot to maximum
and one more mode at the maximum starts flashing red.
Also there is an advantage in this, it is not necessary to check the temperature of the water for yourself, looked, the blue color appeared means you can aim at yourself and further regulate the temperature more precisely.
Found in the internet just this info: Balls in a watering can clean water from chlorine, heavy metals.
* Gray tourmaline stone - contains about 30minerals, when heated produces negative ions and emits infrared rays. It changes the pole of positive ions to negative ones, as a result of which an electric charge of 0.06 mA is produced. When heated, creates its own magnetic field, saturates water with microelements.
* Pink tourmaline stone - kills bacteria and viruses in the water.
* Germanium - neutralizes harmful to the body chlorine and heavy metals in the water.
Well, you understand me, huh? ..

In this watering can only two types of balls, in watering cans without LEDs as I understood it is also white color balls.
Also reading a lot of information about the utility orharmfulness of these balls, it was proved by scientific means that they do not do worse to the body, skin and hair. But the positive effect someone says is missing, someone claims that there is but very small (I'm certainly not about advertising brochures, these balls almost need to be served for lunch and dinner), it was decided to leave them in their places.
It feels like almost the same watering can as this review, but I’m more into the past from my previous review, it’s more voluminous and softer ...
But now my son likes to take a shower ... for how long ...

Gifka showing color changes

All threaded connections are equipped with silicone o-rings. but there is no spare in the kit.

I wish you successful purchases that bring joy!