The best garlic grater. Cooking carrots in Korean plus.

I love cooking, but I didn’t like it all my lifechop the garlic. A regular grater is not an option, because a garlic clove is not a carrot, you cannot hold it with your fingers (or you will remain without them). I tried several devices for this work, but all of them had to be eventually abandoned. All these constructions were based on extrusion and had a significant drawback - the lion's share of garlic remained in the device itself, from which it then had to be scrupulously picked out with a toothpick. In addition, part of the garlic with pressure crawled out of all the cracks and it still needed to be crushed with a knife. Plus, when squeezing garlic loses a lot of juice. Therefore, I again began to simply chop the garlic with a knife. Long, of course, but the result is more important.

But once in the comments to one of the reviews, I came across an interesting model and thought: “But this should work!”
Finally, the long-awaited order arrived and I trieddevice in work. The result simply amazed me! What you need! Uniform grinding without pressure, completely safe in operation, the almost complete absence of waste and high grinding speed.
Today, I will demonstrate this device at work, and in order not to be bored, I will show you my version of cooking carrots in Korean.
The history of the dish

I first met this dish in the 90s onthe local market in the Vietnamese ranks and was conquered them! Then I was not keen on hot peppers and I was very impressed with the sharpness of this carrot. But even more impressed by the fact that despite the fact that the lips and mouth were burning like hot coals, I wanted more and more, until I finished the portion to the end. It was incredible!
Then the 90s are over, the Vietnamese have disappeared somewhere andI began to see carrots in Korean only on store shelves. But to say that a grocery store carrot is not like the real carrot is to say nothing! The softest word that comes to mind is a surrogate, designed for absolutely undemanding individuals. Barefoot vinegar and sugar in the absence of hot pepper, not to mention the rest.
Soon I began to get involved in the cultivation of sharppeppers and remembered that amazing dish from the past. There are quite a few recipes in the internet and I have tried many of them. Yes, with my peppers it was already very similar to what the Vietnamese were cooking, but I already wanted more and I began to experiment.
As a result of the experiments, I received a recipe, which I will discuss below.
What same products we need for this dish?
Of course, carrots, so go to the store orbasement and choose some of the longest smooth carrots that can be found. Take also a couple of onions, a few cloves of garlic, hot pepper (can be dried), sunflower oil, salt, sugar, seasonings and my know-how - balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar will give a unique breathtaking aroma to the whole dish. Sesame and coriander are suitable as seasonings, but I also liked the carrots from Hmeli-suneli. You can use the ready-made set of spices for carrots in Korean, just as there are usually necessary spices and monosodium glutamate.
Yes, it is sodium glutamate or sodium saltglutamic acid, also known as Ajinomoto, also known as E 621, was used by the Vietnamese in their carrots, and I find its addition highly desirable. Many are frightened by glutamate in vain. To date, this additive has been thoroughly investigated and is recognized to be completely safe. And her addition to the carrot makes her the one)). But how - it is quite interesting.
Modern science suggests that in addition to salty, sour, sweet and bitter tastes, there is another - Umami.
This is how Umami Wikipedia describes the taste:
Umami taste properties

In general, I bought on ebey a stock of glutamatesodium, since we shop such a miracle is rarely seen. But at worst, as I said above, you can use a ready-made kit for Korean carrots, where this ingredient is already present.
So, all the ingredients are prepared:

From the tools you will need a knife, a grater for carrots and the hero of our review.
As a grater for carrots, everyone prefers his own design, and I love working like this:

Since today is a review about garlic grater, I’ll dwell on it in more detail.

The design is simple, as is the principle of action. The socket on the guides moves back and forth between the two stops, and the finger presses the clove of garlic to the grater. When a tooth is grinded to half the height of the nozzle, a piston-type device is put on it, the bottom of which protects the finger from the trowel. The device of the piston allows you to erase the clove almost to zero, but the limiter does not allow the piston to touch the grater.

As can be seen from the photo, almost all garlic is wiped residue and nothing need to pick out, just remove the pipe from the rails, slightly bending down the emphasis, and rinse the device under running water.
Everything, with garlic is finished in less than a minute!
Next, three carrots. On my grater, it looks like this:

Thinly shred onion in half rings:

Then dissolve it in vegetable oil togolden color. The oil should cover the onions completely; the aroma of the onions will pass into it. The classic recipe involves throwing onions, but I prefer to leave the onions.

While onion is fried, I mash in the packagea few pods of pepper. I have a serious pepper - Bhut Jolokia, the burning sensation of 850000 skovilas. Also added a few pods of Mushroom Red for a change in taste. About peppers and skovilah can read my growing peppers.

After that, put all the ingredients in a dish with carrots and pour boiling oil with onions. Again, I prefer to leave the bow. By the number of other ingredients for my amount of carrots:
Sugar: 1 tbsp. spoon
Salt: 0.5 tbsp. spoons
Balsamic vinegar: 80 gr.
Seasoning for carrots: 1 pack

After that, we mix everything thoroughly and put it under pressure for several hours in the cold.

In the end, I am very pleased with this garlic grater, and those that were before it were sent to retire.

Today, for dinner, I have my mother's fried Korean ravioli with carrots plus.

Enjoy your meal!