Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen AMG G65 at 1:24 scale

Hello. Today on the review again Gelendvagen. Again, because I have already reviewed one Gelendvagen at a scale of 1:32, today we are holding an option on a scale, as the manufacturer claims, 1:24, if this is really, let's try to figure it out, as well as draw parallels with the helico at 1:32

What immediately catches your eye is a box witha large window, unlike other models in which the window on the one hand, this package opens up most of the machine. Below is the model range of machines (none of them have, so far, come across to my eyes).

We get the car out of the box, first we hear the smellChinese plastic, and then we see that the machine is firmly pulled by a coupler to the podium, apparently the Chinese seemed to have few three clamps that hold the helico on the podium, so they also decided to use such a cardinal method.

If you want to put the model on the table notdisconnecting it from the podium, then remove only the side walls and voila, the product is ready for use. If the gift is intended for the child, then it will be necessary to scroll through 3 latches, everything is very easy there, the main thing is to hold the machine so that it does not fall to the floor after it is disconnected.
P.S. after the dismantling of the screed, over time, the podium took its usual look and leveled off.

And so the machine in our hands, the smell of plasticgradually disappears (it turned out that the podium and walls smelled), the metal is glossy, black, weighty and beautiful, but upon detailed examination we stumble upon small flaws, it is not exactly dyed, then chrome on discs with chips. But in general, it leaves pleasant impressions, even despite the fact that the letter “G” shines on the grille (I don't remember the grille with this letter), you would have already sculpted the letter “B”, like Brabus ...

Detailing the interior of medium quality, all blackand especially nothing without a flashlight or a good light source can not be seen, it is, as it is not difficult to guess, plastic, the same plastic at the back and the reserve, and even with some sort of stain.

Wheels are also plastic, and tires fromrubber. The body is metal, since the Chinese didn’t greed and the metal body was poured together with the bumpers, so the Mercedes will hold the child in its original form longer.

We now turn to the functions:
In this regard, the model surveyed is poorer than the onewhich was already surveyed by one Gelendvagen, if the hood, front and rear doors of this model are opened, then only the front doors of our patient are opened. When you click on the hood, the engine start sound and acceleration is played, nothing happens when you open the doors. All this feeds three AG13 / LR44 batteries which are located below the car. Car inertia.
As for the size, there are still Chinesesaved, with a scale of 1:24 the length of the machine should be ~ 19.5 width ~ 8.5 and about the same height, but in fact we have - Length 18.5 cm width 7.5 cm height 7.5 cm ie centimeter Chinese cut.

What did this Gelendwagen leave behind?the model is good, the child will be satisfied, the model is large, the lights are on, the doors open, there is an inertial motor, on the other hand, if you decide to donate to an adult, then it’s large enough to put it on the table, the detail is worse than the one you’ve seen before 1:32, and only the front doors open, against the opening hood and 3 doors. At prices for Ali 1:32 you can take for $ 12, and 1:24 for $ 16-18. In Ukraine, that scale 1:24, that 1:32 stand ± equally. In any case, the model will not leave indifferent. Thank you all for your attention.
P.S. If I missed something in the review, then write in the comments, I will add.