Micro knife Skull of a bull and Tactical cross. Two lots of selected game

There will be a small review of a pair of Chinese tactical trinkets.
It is unlikely that anyone will buy such things in their common sense, but you can go under the cut, you can make fun.
They wrote with Ali, from the store that sells tactical small things. They offered to test new items, I would prefer a tent, but gave tactical charms.


Two cardboard unnamed boxes 13x10 cm.
Lot number 1. Let's start with the bull skull:

Even a special plastic blister was made for it.
Here is such a figovina:

It resembles a skull of a bull or bison. Size: 10 (between the horns) x7x2 cm. Material low-magnetic metal casting. Polished, but shells and micropores are in abundance.
Where there was a nose, now two key rings are hanging.
Rear belt clip:

Clips would be good to bend:

Product weight:

It is assumed such use:

Grab the bull by the horns and pull up:

And here is the surprise - a micro knife. Blade size 4.5 cm. Maximum width 1.5 cm. Sharpening on both sides. Blade thickness 3 mm. Keeps with a sheath skull with tightness, just does not jump out.
Only this grip between the fingers is convenient:

Sharpened was not bad:

Cutting something with such a knife is a utopia, just stabbing. It seems like a knife of last resort, stabbing the attacker in the thigh. But I think this is nothing more than a toy.
Why is it so expensive, do not ask, probably made of Chelyabinsk meteorite.
We continue. Lot number 2.

Tactical Cross Model Save Lord TC4
Price US $ 16.50 Brand: MING YU
There is also a blister:


Metallic cross (magnetised), polished and shiny. Dimensions: 80x45x5 mm. A 60 cm chain goes to the cross.
Nice to pick up:

The EDC cross feature is a sharp tip at the bottom. They plan to break the glass in an emergency, but I could not even break the ice in the puddle - the size is too small for a comfortable grip.

The plate on the chain is placed on the top of the cross for an emphasis:

It turns out such grip:

The chain can be wound, so as not to dangle:

Mass of the cross:

I don’t draw on a sacred servant, my stomach is small:

In order to give the review value, we will conduct research.
Check the blade hardness:

Chinese knives usually have around 58 units.
Check chemical The composition of the metal on the X-ray fluorescence analyzer of the chemical composition of metals X-MET 5100:


As they say, it's time to sum up.
If you are a noble sofa vyzhivalschik and your eyes lit up from these lots, then I am glad that I helped you with the choice.
If at the sight of these Chinese knick-knacks you have a smile, then I also wrote a review for good reason.
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!