Mini safe disguised as a book (English dictionary)

This is just a fun toy, piggy bank. Security and burglar resistance at the mailbox level. I think that if decent burglars find such a cache in the bookshelf, then most likely they will throw a little trifle there.
Apart from a kilometer of pimples, a piggy bank is supplied in its original packaging, that is, sealed in a film with a sticker attached under it.

The texture of the cover is difficult to convey in words. Well, it is cardboard ... and, in principle, it tactilely resembles a hard cover of an average (non-glossy) book.

Although in the company of their natural counterparts, the cache is clearly conspicuous for its modest size.

As for the size. DhShhV is ≈ 115x80x45 mm.

And not only in size. IMHO, of course, but the plastic frame imitating the structure of the pages was made too deliberately unnatural or inept.

Yes, and a slot for coins does not seem to add secrecy to this caches. Not only is it present on the most visible and obvious upper edge, it is also far from small in size: 30x3 mm.

Well, under the front cover of the book there is a door mounted inside a metal box, locked with a rotary lock.

An empty box weighs about 227 grams. Also on this photo is worth noting some features:
a) the plastic frame of the pages is fixed to the walls of the safe with the help of rivets (purple marks);
b) what can not be said about the cardboard back of the book, it is fastened with the help of double-sided tape and, unfortunately, has already begun to come unstuck. Unpleasant, of course, but maintainable. (The photo is marked in red).

As for the keys, there are two of them. One went to his son, as the owner of the piggy bank. I left the second one just in case. No, no, I'm not going to control the wealth of a child. I only help him when he loses his key. And note, I say not if, but when)

Let's sum up:
+ Let's just say I am sweet with the idea of ​​a cache in book format. This option is often played up in detective novels and screenplays. IMHO
+ Includes two keys
+ The quality of the manufacture of the iron box is close to perfect (no squeaks, no burrs and everything is painted)
± There is no complete portrait resemblance to a real object (although such was not stated)
- The coins in the box turn it into a very loud rattle!
Now goodbye! Be good!
ps The package was provided with a track number of international format, which was correctly tracked at all stages of delivery.