MJX F27 4Ch RC control SWIFT helicopter GYRO White Red

Radio-controlled helicopter. A little more than helicopters for $ 25 and has a few positive differences.
Firstly, the movement is controlled withusing a skew plate (the lower screw leans in different directions), and not with the help of a rear vertical screw (there is none at all). As a result, the helicopter can fly not only back and forth, but also to the side, and the control becomes more accurate and predictable.

Secondly, the helicopter is controlled by radio rather thanin the infrared, as a result, it can be safely started on the street (in calm) even in bright sun. The console itself is solid, has an LCD screen and a full set of adjustments. It seems that you can even reorient it (choose which side of the gas).
Also on the helicopter there is a gyroscope and a light bulb, controlled from the console.
It was packed well, in a huge foam case. Reached a couple of weeks, the seller was quick and sent a message with tracking.
Minuses: the servos driving the tilt of the screw are strange looking. Perhaps they are just without a case, but their work is not very clear, but something is hanging inside. Nevertheless, they perform their function. There are no spare screws in the kit, although I never broke them on small helicopters. It flies for about 5 minutes on its own battery, then it begins to take off with difficulty. Probably, the problem is in poor standard charging - for some reason she never showed me that the charge is over.
Verdict: it is worth taking if you have already broken a helicopter for $ 25. But better then buy a normal battery.